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Community recycling depots

Community Recycling Depot locations

Listed below are the recycling bin locations within the city. For a location near you, see the list of north and south depots below, or find a location using Google Maps.

As of January 2015, the Waste & Recycling Bylaw prohibits private recycling companies from leaving material at Community Recycling Depots.


Northwest Depots

Beacon Hill 11320 Sarcee Trail N.W.
(West side of Home Depot parking lot)

Bowness 7937 43 Ave. N.W.
(North side of old Safeway parking lot)

Confederation Park 2807 10 St. N.W. (North side of Rosemont Community Association parking lot)

Crowfoot 90 Crowfoot Way N.W.
(South side of Rona parking lot)

Dalhousie Station 5005 Dalhousie Dr. N.W. (Southeast side of parking lot)

Huntington Hills 7020 Fourth St. N.W.
(Superstore parking lot)

Market Mall 3625 Shaganappi Tr. N.W.
(Northeast corner of parking lot)

North Hill 1901 16 Ave. N.W.
(East side of mall parking lot)

Tuscany 5019 Nose Hill Drive N.W.
(Northeast side of Home Depot parking lot)

Varsity Varley Dr. N.W.
(Southeast of 32nd Ave. & 39th St. N.W.)

Northeast Depots

Bridgeland 7 11 Street N.E.
(East side of the Rehabilitation Society parking lot)

Castleridge 55 Castleridge Blvd. N.E.
(North side of Safeway parking lot)

Country Hills 11622 Harvest Hills Blvd. N.E. (North side of North Pointe Park n' Ride)

Horizon 3550 32 Avenue N.E.
(Southeast corner of Safeway parking lot)

Renfrew 16 Ave. & Russet Rd. N.E.
(Renfrew Athletic Park)

Sunridge 2525 36 St. N.E.
(Southeast corner of mall parking lot)

Trans Canada East #300, 1440 52 St. N.E. (South side of Safeway)

Southwest Depots

Bridlewood 2335 162 Ave. S.W.
(Behind medical clinic)

Connaught 813 11 Ave. S.W.
(East side of Safeway)

Glenmore Landing 1600 90 Ave. S.W.
(Northeast corner of Safeway parking lot)

Lakeview 6449 Crowchild Tr. S.W.
(East side of Sobeys parking lot)

Millrise 150 Millrise Blvd. S.W.
(East side of Sobeys parking lot)

Oakridge 2580 Southland Drive S.W.
(Northwest side of Co-op parking lot)

Richmond Square 3915 51 St. S.W.
(North side of parking lot)

Scarboro 15 Ave. & 16 St. S.W.
(Southwest side of Tennis Club)

South Calgary 3130 16 St. S.W.
(Community association parking lot)

Spruce Cliff 3400 Block of Spruce Dr. S.W.

West Hills 200 Stewart Grn. S.W.
(Northwest corner of parking lot behind Urban Barn)

Southeast Depots

Acadia 383 Heritage Dr. S.E.
(South east corner of Acadia Shopping Centre)

Deerfoot Meadows 100, 20 Heritage Meadows Way S.E. (Northwest corner of Superstore parking lot)

Deer Valley 1221 Canyon Meadows Dr. S.E. (North side of mall parking lot)

Douglasdale 11520 24 St. S.E.
(Behind Sobeys)

Macleod 9630 Macleod Tr. S.E.
(North side of Rona parking lot)

Manchester Dartmouth Road S.E.
(Between 30 and 34 Avenue)

Ogden 7740 18 St. S.E.
(West side of Safeway parking lot)

Shawnessy 390 Shawville Blvd. S.E.
(West side of Home Depot parking lot)

South Trail 5125 126 Avenue S.E. (Southwest corner of Home Depot parking lot)

Southcentre 11011 Bonaventure Dr. S.E. (**Temporary location: Southeast corner of mall parking lot by CIBC. Previous location is closed due to paving.)

The community recycling bins accept the following items:

Please note: Sorting of materials is not required.

If you're unsure of where to place an item, check out our online recycling search tool to find out what goes where.​​​​