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How to recycle cell phones

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Recycling and disposal search tool.

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 Cell phones and smartphones

Do NOT put electronics in your blue cart as these items can damage equipment at the recycling facility.
Donate it - participating charities
Mobile phones that are in working order can be donated to some charities. Refer to Alberta's Recycling Hotline for more information.

Recycle it - participating retailers

Some local retailers will accept cellphones and cell phone batteries for recycling free of charge.
Find a list of locations on the Call2Recycle cell phone recycling website:
Make sure to delete all personal information from your cell phone before recycling it.
Many cell phone providers will also accept old cell phones, chargers and other accessories for recycling. Contact your provider for more details.

Recycle it - City landfill Throw 'n' Go areas

Old and broken cellphones and smartphones including iPhones can be brought to any City landfill Throw 'n' Go area free of charge*.

*Note: charges will apply at the Throw 'n' Go if you bring garbage or other items with a disposal fee.

Landfill locations


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