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How to recycle computers and computer accessories

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Recycling and disposal search tool.

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 Computers and computer accessories


Donate it - Participating Charities

Computers, mice, keyboards, speakers and other computer accessories that are in working order can be donated to some charities. Refer to Alberta's Recycling Hotline for more information.

Recycle it - Electronics Recycling Drop-off locations

Bring your old computers and computer accessories to an electronics recycling drop-off for recycling. Do NOT put electronics in your blue cart as these items can damage the equipment at the recycling facility.

The City has partnered with private industry to provide several permanent depots for residential electronics recycling. Acceptable items include:

  • Old, used or broken computer monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Computer mouse (mice)
  • Computer cables
  • Computer speakers
  • CPUs (central processing units), all-in-one computers and servers
  • Laptops and electronic notebooks
  • Tablets such as iPads, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy tablets and other Android tablets
  • Printers, scanners and fax machines

Some restrictions apply. Visit the Electronics Recycling page for full list of depot locations.


Recycle it

Businesses with electronic waste for disposal can contact eCycle Solutions at (403)945-2611, Recycle-Logic Inc. at 1-866-678-2467, GEEP at (403) 219-3137, Technotrash Alberta Ltd. at (403) 265-2332 or the Alberta Recycling Management Authority at 1-888-999-8762.

Electronics Recycling Drop-off

Computers and computer accessories

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