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How to recycle plastic containers

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 Plastic - Containers

Recycle it

Residents can recycle clean plastic containers (such as liquid detergent, fabric softener, soap, lotion, mouthwash, shampoo, and conditioner bottles, plastic clamshell trays, protein powder, yogurt and margarine containers) labelled with the recycling symbol 1-7 can be recycled in blue cart or at community recycling depots.

If you live in an apartment, townhouse or other multi-family complex, plastic containers with recycling symbol 1-7 should be accepted in your building's recycling program.

​​Starting November 1, 2016, we require businesses and organizations to recycle all the materials we do at home, plus scrap metal, clear plastic film (polyethylene) and wood. For more details, please view the recycling requirements for businesses and organizations.

Throw it out

Plastic containers without a recycling symbol 1-7 are not acceptable materials and cannot be put into the blue cart or a community recycling depot. Throw them out in your black cart.

Community Recycling Depots

Plastic containers

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