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How to recycle plastic packaging

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 Plastic - Packaging


Recycle it

Clean moulded plastic packaging and molded plastics labelled with the recycling symbols #1-7 can be recycled in your blue cart or at a community recycling depot. Examples of plastic packaging include:
  • Molded plastic used to package toys, electronics and other small household and consumer goods

  • Blister plastic packaging – this is where the product is sandwiched between two layers of plastic. This type of plastic is usually sealed on the edges and requires scissors to cut open.

  • Clamshell plastic packaging – this type of plastic is a one-piece container joined by a hinge. It may have self-locking tabs or be secured with adhesive or staples.

  • Plastic trays – many household items come in trays with divided sections to hold different items. Examples include cookie trays, cracker trays, and take-out containers. Please note that polystyrene foam is a different kind of material and cannot be recycled.

Make sure to remove any paper, cardboard or metal from the plastic packaging before putting in for recycling. Any paper or cardboard that came with the packaging can also be placed separately for recycling.
If you live in an apartment, townhouse or other multi-family complex, clarify with your building's recycling program to see if plastic packaging is accepted.
Throw it out
Plastic packaging withouth the recycling symbol 1-7 should be thrown away in your black cart.


Recycle it

Businesses and organizations should clarify with their recycling provider to see if this type of material is accepted in their recycling program.
You can also visit to find private recycling opportunities. Search for the specific type of plastic for more information. ​​​
Plastic packaging

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