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How to dispose of polystyrene foam

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 Plastic - Polystyrene foam


Throw it out - Black Cart

Put polystyrene foam in a garbage bag and tie closed. This will prevent this light material from blowing around at the landfill or during collection. Throw it out in your black cart, or at a City landfill. Charges will apply for disposal at the landfill.
Polystyrene foam containers, cups, takeout containers, trays or packing materials (blocks or peanuts) are not accepted in blue carts or at community recycling depots, even if the item has a recycling symbol.
Please note that meat trays and their absorbent pads are not compostable in the green cart because they will not breakdown during the composting process and will contaminate the finished compost.


Recycle it - private recyclers

Depending on the type of plastic, private recycling opportunities may exist. Visit Alberta's Recycling Hotline and search for the specific type of plastic for more information.​​​
Polystyrene foam

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