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How to compost real Christmas trees

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  How to compost real Christmas trees

Real Christmas trees

Real Christmas trees

Put your real Christmas tree in your green cart for composting.

Size Restrictions

  • Cut the tree into 1.25 metre lengths (four feet).
  • The tree trunk must be less than 15 cm (six inches) in diameter.

Special instructions

  • Remove all decorations, tinsel, lights and tree stands before composting the tree.

Always fill your green cart first. If it's full, bundle your cut branches with natural fiber string and set the bundle at least 30 cm (one foot) to the side of your green cart for collection.

From December 26, 2017 - January 31, 2018, real Christmas trees can also be taken to a tree drop-off for free. See list of locations below:

Christmas tree drop-off locations

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Author: City of Calgary
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