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How to compost untreated wood

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 Wood – Untreated

Untreated wood means no paints, stains or veneers and excludes particle board, plywood, MDF and OSB. Wood must be free of nails, screws, etc.


Compost it - Green Cart

Small quantities of untreated wood and dimensional lumber can be put in the green cart. Wood pieces must be less than 15 cm (6") in diameter and shorter than 1.25 metres (4 ft.) so it can fit inside the cart. Please ensure the lid of the cart can close.

Too much wood in the green cart can be an issue for collection as it can damage the collection truck.

Wood shavings and sawdust from untreated wood can be collected in a certified compostable bag or paper bag and placed in the green cart for composting.

Recycle it - City of Calgary Throw 'n' Go

Large quantities of untreated wood from renovations and demolitions should be brought to a City landfill for recycling at a reduced rate.

Please ensure the loads are clean and separate from other garbage.

Landfill locations



Recycle it - City of Calgary Landfills

Starting November 1, 2016, businesses and organizations in Calgary are required to recycle their unprocessed wood as part of The City's Waste Diversion Strategy.

Clean, separated loads of untreated wood can be recycled at all City landfills at a reduced rate. For other recycling opportunities, speak with your hauler or consult Alberta's Recycling Hotline.

Commercial vehicle loads of garbage containing any untreated wood will be subject to the Designated Materials Rate at City landfills to encourage recycling instead.

Please note: Commercial loads of sawdust are not accepted at City landfills.​

Untreated wood

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