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How to recycle grass clippings

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 Yard waste - Grass clippings

​Leave it on the lawn

You can help the environment and your lawn by grasscycling. Leave clippings on the lawn to reduce waste and retain moisture. Learn more about grasscycling.

Compost it

You can compost most yard waste in a backyard composter.

It is quite easy and cost-effective to build your own bin. They are also sold at many home improvement stores and the Green Calgary EcoStore, located at the corner of 14th Street and 2nd Avenue NW. You can contact the EcoStore by calling 403-230-1443 ext. 222 or visit

Leaves, branches, grass, stumps and general yard debris are accepted for composting at East Calgary, Shepard and Spyhill landfills at a reduced rate. Sod and soil are excluded. All materials must be loose, not in plastic bags.

If you take mixed loads of yard waste with garbage to the landfill, basic sanitary waste charges will apply.

Throw it out

You can dispose of lawn clippings and garden waste in your black cart. Clippings and yard waste that don't fit in the cart must be in tied, standard-size garbage bags for collection.

Landfill locations

Grass clippings

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