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Biosolids management program


The City of Calgary's biosolids management program recovers and recycles nutrient-rich organic matter from our advanced wastewater treatment process.

If you have questions about our biosolids management program or would like to participate in our Calgro Program, please call 311 (or 403-268-2489, if outside city limits).


 About Biosolids       
Biosolids are a nutrient-rich resource that enhance plant growth, and improve soil water and nutrient retention.  Find out more information about biosolids.
Farming with Biosolids
For more than 30 years farmers have been participating in the Calgro™ program using biosolids to improve crop productivity. Learn more about farming using biosolids.
     Composting Biosolids    
In 2017, the City's composting facility will open, further processing biosolids, and producing a high quality Category A compost. Learn more about the composting facility.
Biosolids Demonstration Projects
In 2013, the City initiated two demonstration projects to improve marginal agricultural soils using biosolids. Find out more about the biosolids demonstration projects.