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Understanding your water utility bill

Your ENMAX utility bill shows how much water your home uses every month. Your bill can be a great tool to help you reduce water consumption and save money on your water utility statement.

What does your water statement show?

When you receive your statement, it shows what the meter reading was and whether it was an actual reading or an estimated meter reading. If you have received an estimate and would like to submit a reading, please contact ENMAX at 403-310-2010. You can also submit a meter reading to ENMAX online.

For any water billing inquiries and customer service, contact ENMAX at 403-310-2010.

For problems related to water and wastewater services such as water meter appointments, water quality issues, sewage backups, catch basin concerns, water infrastructure and construction activities, water pressure issues, water main breaks or overland flooding, call 311 or submit an online request.

Definition of terms on a water utility statement

Water basic service charge

This fixed charge pays for services such as meter reading, billing, meter repair and providing fire protection.

Water charge

This is the rate for consumption of water, including cooking, bathing, watering your garden and drinking. It pays for the cost of treating and delivering water to homes.

A bill will reflect usage times this per cubic metre rate. One cubic metre is equal to 1,000 litres, 220 gallons or 10 bathtubs or water.

Monthly water use graph

The average Calgarian uses seven cubic meters (m3) or 7,000 liters of water every month. A graph is provided on the bill to help customers monitor water usage month over month.

Sewer (wastewater) basic service charge

This fixed charge pays for wastewater collection pipes, wastewater treatment facilities and billing.

Sewer (wastewater) charge

This rate pays for the costs to treat wastewater produced from flushing toilets and draining sinks and bathtubs. The rate calculation takes into consideration that wastewater produced is estimated to be 90 per cent of water usage over a year reflecting that some water (e.g. outdoor watering) is not returned to the treatment plants. A customer's bill will reflect the water usage times this per cubic metre rate.

Drainage (stormwater) service charge

Pays for the operation and maintenance of the stormwater system which ensures reliable street drainage during rain events. It also funds upgrades for flood protection as well as protecting the river by reducing the amount of sediment entering the river.