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How do I read my utility bill?

Your ENMAX bill shows how much water your home uses monthly. Below, learn how to read your water bill; this guide includes a breakdown of the charges on a typical statement.

For details on how the charges are calculated, visit water and wastewater rates or visit ENMAX's Customer Care page.

For water billing inquiries and customer service, please contact ENMAX at 403-310-2010. For all other questions about our services, including waste & recycling, please contact 311.

For a more detailed description, please click on the letters below.

ENMAX bill sample Water Charge Water basic service charge Monthly water use graph Sewer charge Sewer basic service charge Drainage service charge Blue cart recycling charge Waste management charge


A. Water charge

This charge is based on the amount of water you use during the month. It includes the cost of drawing the water from the river, treating, pumping and delivering water to your house. Your water consumption is measured in cubic metres. One cubic metre is equal to 1,000 litres, 220 gallons or 10 bathtubs full of water.

B. Water basic service charge

The cost and maintenance of your water meter, as well as the costs of reading the meter monthly and issuing your bill.

C. Monthly water use graph

The average Calgarian uses seven cubic metres (m3) or 7,000 litres of water every month. To compare your monthly water use to Calgary's average water use (7m3), multiply the number of people who live in your household by seven. Then compare that number to the Water Charge on your bill (A), which shows how many cubic metres of water you used during your billing cycle.

Wastewater and drainage

D. Sewer charge

This charge is based on the amount of wastewater you produce, which is determined from the amount of water you use. It includes the cost of treating wastewater and returning the water to the river. It is assumed that a certain percentage (approximately 17.5%) of the water you use is not returned to the wastewater system due to things like irrigation or evaporation. This calculation is already adjusted in the wastewater charge.

E. Sewer basic service charge

Covers the costs of infrastructure needed to collect wastewater from your home and deliver it to the wastewater treatment plant. It includes the cost of issuing your bill.

F. Drainage service charge

This flat monthly (30 day) charge pays for operating and maintaining the storm sewers. It is also for upgrades to improve flood protection and the quality of the stormwater runoff released into the river.

Waste and recycling

G. Residential Curbside Recycling Management Rate

Homes who receive blue cart recycling service are charged monthly on their utility bill. For more details, please see Blue Cart Recycling.

H. Waste management charge (Black Cart)

Homes who receive black cart garbage service are charged monthly on their utility bill. For more details, please see Waste Management Charge.