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Residential water rates and billing


Find water rates, set up a new account, learn how to read your bill and find information about your water meter and how to detect water leaks.

Residential water customers include single or two-family dwellings such as a detached house, semi-detached home or duplex.

If you live in a complex such as an apartment, condo, townhouse or any building with two or more units, you are a multi-family customer.

Water accounts and billing

The City of Calgary contracts ENMAX to provide billing and customer care for water services. For questions about your bill, please contact the ENMAX Customer Care Centre.

For information on how to set up a new water account, visit water accounts and billing.

For other common billing questions, see the following pages:

How to read your water bill

Water charges are calculated by the number of days on your ENMAX bill. The number of days billed can vary, however it is typically 28-30 days of service.

Average water use in Calgary - A single person in a home uses seven cubic metres (m3) of water or 7,000 litres every month.

See an example bill and learn about the terms and charges - visit understanding your water bill.

Residential water rates


Water Rates

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Water Residential Flat

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Water Residential Irrigation

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How to read your water meter

Find steps on how to read your water meter.

To learn more about how water meters work and the benefits of installing one, visit water meters.

Water leaks and water conservation

If you suspect you have a leak, find troubleshooting tips at water leaks and basic repairs.

There are also many ways you can save money and conserve water in and outside your home: