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Flood and River Monitoring Program

The City of Calgary's river engineers keeps a watchful eye on Calgary's watersheds.

This involves monitoring:

Current river status
Check Alberta's River Monitoring Centre for Bow and Elbow River flow information
  • Precipitation levels
  • Reservoir and lake levels
  • Stream flow rates
  • Depth of snowpack
  • Soil moisture
  • Weather models

We work with partner organizations, irrigation districts, internal groups and other municipalities to understand watershed conditions that may impact Calgary, and make adjustments to business operations based on that information.

Depending on the watershed conditions, we may make changes to Glenmore Reservoir operations and work with partners such as TransAlta Utilities to respond to the situation. And if necessary, we will enact emergency response measures.

The best way for citizens to stay informed of current conditions is by visiting the Province of Alberta's River Monitoring Centre, where current river advisories and real-time data are shared. If flows are high and fast enough, the Calgary Fire Department will issue a boating advisory.

Other resources for staying up to date on weather conditions are listed on our Stay Informed page. In the event emergency response measures are needed, The City will share information via local media and social media.

Calgary River Monitoring Program
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