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Drainage bylaw

The storm drain system in Calgary is a network of catch basins, drains, pipes and ponds designed to channel water from rainstorms or melting snow to the river. Learn more about our stormwater drainage system.

The Drainage Bylaw ensures appropriate water use and drainage in and around your property in conjunction with the Lot Grading Bylaw and the Community Standards Bylaw.

Drainage bylaw resources

Bylaws related to drainage
This page contains an overview of the drainage bylaws in Calgary, highlights on parts of the bylaw important to homeowners and access to reference guides and brochures. You can also find answers to common questions in our drainage bylaw FAQ.

Bylaws related to storm sewers
This page contains an overview of the bylaws related to our storm sewer system, including information on directing storm drainage like downspouts and eaves troughs, and surface drainage facilities like swales and storm drains.

Water drainage bylaw for homeowners
This page contains more information on what elements of the drainage bylaw are important to homeowners, including prohibited materials, downspouts and drainage swales.

Water drainage bylaw for businesses
This page contains more information on what parts of the drainage bylaw are important for businesses, including permits, prohibited materials, reporting discharges and interceptors.

Lot Grading Bylaw
This page contains information for builders and homeowners to help make sure a property has a properly graded surface to direct water drainage away from buildings.

Bylaws related to car washing
This page contains information about car washing rules as part of the Drainage Bylaw.