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Industrial wastewater disposal permits

When a mix of water and water-carried substances is released from a business, house or other source, this is considered wastewater discharge. Industrial disposal of wastewater into Calgary's sewer system requires a wastewater permit.

Below, you will find details about which permit you need based on the type of water being discharged. For information about other permits required for industrial water disposal, visit Industrial Water Disposal Permits.

Permits and manifests

If you are transporting loads of wastewater, septage or FOG (fats, oils, greases) to a designated City site for disposal to the wastewater system:

Please follow this link Apply for a Commercial Hauled Wastewater Permit to apply for and obtain your permit. Please contact ENMAX for more information regarding this application.

A completed manifest must also accompany each load:

For locations, hours and other disposal instructions, please visit Septage and FOG Disposal Locations and Hours.

If you are disposing of water from sources other than wastewater streams, including the following:

  • Roof and foundation
  • Remediated groundwater
  • Accumulated storm drainage or groundwater
  • Non-contact cooling water
  • A disposal as directed by Alberta Environment

Please use theNuisance Water Disposal Flowchart to determine if you require disposal into the sanitary sewer.

If your project qualifies you for sanitary sewer disposal, first determine if it is foundation drainage connected to The City's wastewater system before 1973.

If yes, then no permit is required.

If no, you may need to Apply for a Clear Water Waste Disposal Permit as outlined below.

  1. Set up an account with ENMAX using theENMAX account set up form.
  2. Water quality results must also be reported using Analytical Results Reporting Form to support discharge to the sanitary sewer system. Please attach this form to your application (if water quality results cannot be obtained, please justify why they are being deferred at this time).
  3. Please contact Field Services at 403-268-1233 to be given a discharge location, before applying for theClear Water Waste Disposal Permit Application.

If you are receiving wastewater from an off-site location:

A wastewater treatment facility application is required.

Please contact 311 for more information regarding this application.

If you are collecting, treating and disposing of the wastewater in a privately-owned system, such as a septic tank with an absorption field:

A private wastewater system application is required.

Please contact 311 for more information regarding this application.

Disposal of wastewater into Calgary's wastewater system including a manhole or monitoring access point is prohibited without prior approval from the Director of Water Resources or Water Services

All wastewater must comply with substances listed inSchedules A, B, or C of the Wastewater Bylaw. Please contact 311 for further information.

Licensing for cleaning buildings and vehicles with a mobile cleaning machine

This activity requires a Cleaning Service License, which can be obtained from the City of Calgary Business Licensing.