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Water service lines in Calgary

A water pipe, also known as a water service line, is the way water is delivered to each home in Calgary. The water pipe can be thought of as two sections:

From the water main to the property line
This part of the pipe is owned and maintained by The City of Calgary.

From the property line to your house
This part of the pipe is owned and maintained by the homeowner.

What are the responsibilities of The City and homeowner?

All water pipes and devices outside the property line are the responsibility of The City of Calgary. That includes things like water mains, water main valves and service valves. We are responsible for all repairs to these lines.

The homeowner is responsible for the water pipe that leads from their house to the service valve (which is usually located at or near the property line). The homeowner is responsible for the main shut-off valve that is normally located inside their house.

Property Lines

In most cases, the property line ends a few metres from the edge of the curb or sidewalk. The legal survey completed when the building was purchased shows where the property line is located exactly.

The diagram below shows that the water service valve is placed very close to the property line, but is not always on The City's side.

Service Line Diagram 

What happens if there is a leak in the homeowner's service line?

The homeowner is responsible for all repair costs to their part of the water line, including any water leaks on their property (with the exception of the water meter).

if you suspect there is a water leak on your property, visit Water Service Line Leaks to learn more about how to detect a leak, and what steps to take to fix a service line leak. You can also download ourWater Service Leaks on Private Property brochure.