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Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Thank you ESC practitioners:
Thank you for participating in recent information sessions regarding new ESC Guidelines and for taking the time to review and provide input into the draft ESC documents. The final documents - including guidelines, field manual, standard specifications and application and instructions are now available. Presentations provided in the information sessions are also available for your reference

Monitoring and controlling erosion and sediment

What we put (and don’t put) down our storm drains is an important part of how we protect the system and the environment: The City has specific rules and regulations surrounding stormwater pollution prevention in order to keep our infrastructure and waterways clean and safe.

This includes monitoring and controlling erosion and sediment that can be released from construction sites, reviewing permit requests for the release of water into the storm drainage system and conducting inspections related to permits, approvals and complaints. Under the Drainage Bylaw, no person may rel​ease any substance other than clean stormwater into the drainage system without approval.

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Information regarding erosion and sediment control (ESC) practices, processes and the release of water into the storm drainage system within the city of Calgary can be found in four main areas: