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37 Street Stormwater Trunk Project

About the project

The City of Calgary, Water Services, is relocating the South Richmond storm trunk. Once complete the 37 Street SW storm trunk will help ensure we have the capacity to provide continued, reliable drainage services both now and in the future

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • North Glenmore Park, Phase 2 Geotechnical drilling
  • Damaged curb sections are being removed before new ones are installed
  • The snow fence has been removed from the areas south of 58 Avenue
  • Sod has been installed north of 58 Avenue up to the shaft, and snow fence has been installed for protection
  • Sod installation between 54 Avenue and 58 Avenue
  • Traffic is being diverted around the shaft
  • Curb reconstruction
  • Curb reconstruction
  • Surface preparation
  • 37street storm trunk - Inside the pipe
  • 37street storm trunk - Equipment storage area north of 54th Ave
  • 37street storm trunk - North shaft cover in place
  • 37street storm trunk - Traffic delineators and No Parking signs set up at the north shaft
  • 37street storm trunk - Placing a pipe in the jacking frame
  • 37street storm trunk - Head of the tunneling machine
  • 37 street storm trunk - site rehabilitation
  • 37street storm trunk Lifting Pipe
  • 37street storm trunk - Jacking Pipe
  • 37 street storm trunk - Intermediate Jack
  • 37 street storm trunk - Pipe cover
  • 37 street storm trunk - Shakers
  • 37 street storm trunk - Snow construction
  • 37 street storm trunk - Specialized pipe
  • 37street storm trunk - Jacking a pipe segment behind the tunneling machine
  • 37street storm trunk - Tunneling Machine - Being jacked through the shaft
  • 37 St SW Construction upgrades - Oct 15 Updates
  • 37 St Storm Trunk - Tunnel Shaft
  • 37street storm trunk - microtunneling shaft
  • 37street storm trunk - manhole installation
  • 37 street storm trunk - Crane
  • 37 street storm trunk No Access
  • 37 street storm trunk - Pathways
  • 37 street storm trunk workers
  • 37street storm trunk - Inside Pipe
  • 37street storm trunk - Open-Cut
  • 37street storm trunk - Shaft
  • 37street storm trunk - Shaft Form

Project updates

Update - April 21, 2017

  • Geotechnical drilling is taking longer than expected due to recent wet weather.
  • We expect to complete the last of the drilling over the next two weeks, dependant on the weather clearing up and the ground drying out enough to complete the work safely.

Update - April 3, 2017

Phase 2 Update

  • Geotechnical drilling will take place April 10 - 21 in North Glenmore Park to help with design for phase 2 of this project. Drilling trucks will be in the area taking soil samples, please see the image gallery to see where drilling will take place.

Update - February 22, 2017

Update - September 2, 2016

Phase 1

  • Construction work in Phase 1 was completed on schedule in June 2016.
  • Traffic and parking on 37th Street S.W. has been restored to pre-construction operations, except at the north end near Lakeview Drive. The parking restrictions in this area will remain as long as the tunnel shaft remains in place.
  • When the Glenmore Trail/ 37th Street S.W. interchange is constructed as part of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road, the storm trunk will be extended under Glenmore Trail S.W. The tunnel shaft constructed to install the 37 Street S.W. Storm Trunk will remain in place until then to minimize costs and disruption. The Southwest Calgary Ring Road will be open to traffic in 2021. The Glenmore Trail/ 37 Street S.W. interchange may be completed sooner.

Phase 2

  • The City is currently developing the design and completing regulatory requirements for Phase 2, from south of 66th Avenue S.W. to the Elbow River.
  • This work includes a new outfall to the Elbow River and planning for future water quality treatment.
  • The City will exercise due diligence to mitigate environmental impacts and work with regulatory agencies to comply with regulatory requirements and permits.

If you have any questions, or would like more information please contact 311.