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37 Street Stormwater Trunk Project

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • Damaged curb sections are being removed before new ones are installed
  • The snow fence has been removed from the areas south of 58 Avenue
  • Sod has been installed north of 58 Avenue up to the shaft, and snow fence has been installed for protection
  • Sod installation between 54 Avenue and 58 Avenue
  • Traffic is being diverted around the shaft
  • Curb reconstruction
  • Curb reconstruction
  • Surface preparation
  • 37street storm trunk - Inside the pipe
  • 37street storm trunk - Equipment storage area north of 54th Ave
  • 37street storm trunk - North shaft cover in place
  • 37street storm trunk - Traffic delineators and No Parking signs set up at the north shaft
  • 37street storm trunk - Placing a pipe in the jacking frame
  • 37street storm trunk - Head of the tunneling machine
  • 37 street storm trunk - site rehabilitation
  • 37street storm trunk Lifting Pipe
  • 37street storm trunk - Jacking Pipe
  • 37 street storm trunk - Intermediate Jack
  • 37 street storm trunk - Pipe cover
  • 37 street storm trunk - Shakers
  • 37 street storm trunk - Snow construction
  • 37 street storm trunk - Specialized pipe
  • 37street storm trunk - Jacking a pipe segment behind the tunneling machine
  • 37street storm trunk - Tunneling Machine - Being jacked through the shaft
  • 37 St SW Construction upgrades - Oct 15 Updates
  • 37 St Storm Trunk - Tunnel Shaft
  • 37street storm trunk - microtunneling shaft
  • 37street storm trunk - manhole installation
  • 37 street storm trunk - Crane
  • 37 street storm trunk No Access
  • 37 street storm trunk - Pathways
  • 37 street storm trunk workers
  • 37street storm trunk - Inside Pipe
  • 37street storm trunk - Open-Cut
  • 37street storm trunk - Shaft
  • 37street storm trunk - Shaft Form

About the project:

The City of Calgary, Water Services, is relocating the South Richmond storm trunk. Once complete the 37 Street SW storm trunk will help ensure we have the capacity to provide continued, reliable drainage services both now and in the future.

Project schedule

Phase 1 includes construction from south of Lakeview Drive SW to 66 Avenue SW. Work was completed on schedule in June 2016.

Phase 2 includes construction from south of 66 Avenue SW to the Elbow River. This phase of the project is in preliminary design.

What's new

The City is currently developing the design and completing regulatory requirements for Phase 2, which includes a new outfall and planning for water quality treatment.

If you have any questions, or would like more information please contact 311. You can also sign up to have project updates sent to you. Subscribe by clicking here.


Update - September 2, 2016

Phase 1

  • Construction work in Phase 1 was completed on schedule in June 2016.
  • Traffic and parking on 37th Street S.W. has been restored to pre-construction operations, except at the north end near Lakeview Drive. The parking restrictions in this area will remain as long as the tunnel shaft remains in place.
  • When the Glenmore Trail/ 37th Street S.W. interchange is constructed as part of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road, the storm trunk will be extended under Glenmore Trail S.W. The tunnel shaft constructed to install the 37 Street S.W. Storm Trunk will remain in place until then to minimize costs and disruption. The Southwest Calgary Ring Road will be open to traffic in 2021. The Glenmore Trail/ 37 Street S.W. interchange may be completed sooner.

Phase 2

  • The City is currently developing the design and completing regulatory requirements for Phase 2, from south of 66th Avenue S.W. to the Elbow River.
  • This work includes a new outfall to the Elbow River and planning for future water quality treatment.
  • The City will exercise due diligence to mitigate environmental impacts and work with regulatory agencies to comply with regulatory requirements and permits.
  • An information session about Phase 2 construction will be held in fall 2016.
Curb Construction

Update - June 14, 2016

  • Sodding of the area south of the shaft is complete.
  • A snow fence has been installed to protect the recently-installed sod between Lakeview Drive and 58th Avenue. Snow fence has been removed from the areas where sod was installed last year.
  • The traffic detour to accommodate construction has been removed. Barriers will remain at the shaft at Lakeview Drive.
  • Removal and replacement of sections of curb affected by construction has begun. It is estimated that this work will be complete within two weeks.
  • Topsoil and sod will be installed north of the shaft over the next two weeks.
Curb Construction

Update - May 25, 2016

  • The construction detour is back in place to ensure the safety of construction workers and the public. Please adhere to all signage for your own safety and for the safety of others.
  • The following activities are underway:
    • Paving and temporary curb construction surrounding the shaft at Lakeview Drive and 37 Street.
    • Landscaping, topsoil preparation and laying sod.
    • Removal and replacement of a curb on 37 Street where damage was caused during construction.
  • As a reminder, once construction is complete, the detour around the shaft at Lakeview Drive and 37th street will remain in place. This shaft will be used for tunnelling of the storm trunk to the north. After that work is completed the shaft will be removed, the area will be restored to pre-construction condition and only a manhole rim will be visible at the surface.
Borehole Map

Update - January 18, 2016

  • Beginning the week of January 18, 2016, a contractor will drill five boreholes in North Glenmore Park as part of the 37 Street S.W. Storm Trunk Relocation Project. The geotechnical work is needed to identify the underground conditions required for detailed design of the storm trunk and outfall. The timelines for this work may change depending on various factors including weather conditions.
  • Periodic pathway closures in North Glenmore Park will be required and equipment noise can be expected. One of the drilling rigs will be trucked in and a helicopter-carried portable drill rig will be used for two of the boreholes located on the steep slope.
  • The City is making every effort to minimize disturbance and protect the environment while doing this work:
    • Relatively clear areas were selected for the borehole locations to minimize disturbance to natural areas.
    • A preliminary site assessment was completed for this work in accordance with the City’s Biophysical Impact Assessment framework. The assessment confirmed the anticipated impacts will be limited to small disturbances to vegetation, which will be monitored for recovery in 2016.

For more information about how The City is exercising due diligence to mitigate environmental impacts, please see the Complying Regulatory Requirements and Permits fact sheet.

Update - December 31

  • The contractor has finished backfilling the pipe installation, and spread topsoil across the work area south of 54 Avenue SW.
  • The contractor has installed the north shaft cover and shingled it. This cover will be in place for some time but is temporary. Eventually this area will be restored and only a manhole cover will be visible.
  • The construction detour was removed from 37 Street, and parking was restored along the east side of the road. Parking restrictions are still in place around the north portion of the project site.
37 Street storm trunk - Spreading topsoil

Update - December 22 - Phase 1 Construction is substantially complete

Now that Phase 1 is nearly complete, traffic flow and parking on the majority of 37 Street S.W. will return to normal until spring. Parking will remain restricted at the north end of 37 Street S.W. near Lakeview Drive S.W. Two-way traffic on 37 Street S.W. is expected to be restored between December 21, 2015 and January 4, 2016.

North Glenmore Park Access

Access to North Glenmore Park from 37 Street SW or 66 Avenue S.W. will be open starting December 23, 2015.

Resuming work in 2016

The contractor will return to the site in the spring of 2016 to complete landscaping of the site. Lane restrictions will be required, but we will notify the community before starting work in the area.

Update - December 4

The microtunneling portion of the pipe installation was completed this week. The microtunnel boring machine entered the excavation at 58th Ave SW. The next steps will be completing the pipe installation south of this area, backfilling the area and then cleaning up and restoring the site.

37 Street Storm Trunk Rehabilitation Work

Update - November 20 - Site rehabilitation

As part of the site rehabilitation, crews have laid sod south of 58 Avenue SW and you may have noticed no sod in the area north of 58 Avenue SW. This is because we did not install sod in areas where construction is ongoing. After construction is completed, the entire construction site will be restored to its original state.

Update - November 13

  • The open cut excavation portion of the work is taking place in the vicinity of 58th Ave. This is the area where the tunneling machine is expected to exit.
  • Tunneling installation continues to progress. To date, approximately 260 m of the tunneling installation has been completed. This progress has been aided by the ability to work 24 hours, 7 days a week. (Pipe Jacking and Crane Lifting Pipe pictures)
  • The traffic detour is still in place. We encourage residents to continue to drive safely and obey the speed limit.

Update - November 6

24/7 Tunneling work began this week.

Update - October 29

Tunneling started on Friday, October 23. As of October 29, we have installed 20m of pipe.

Update - October 15

Preparation of the tunneling shaft continues and is nearly complete. The Tunnel Boring Machine is scheduled to arrive on site on Saturday and will then be lowered into the shaft. On Saturday, to accommodate delivery and lowering of the Tunnel Boring Machine, two way traffic along 37th St. SW will only be permitted from Lakeview Drive north instead of from 54th Ave SW north. After Saturday, traffic will be restored to two way traffic north of 54th Ave SW.

Tunneling is tentatively scheduled to begin on Tuesday. Shortly after, the tunneling work will take place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Landscaping crews arrived on site last Thursday, and have been preparing for sod installation along the south portion of the construction site. Sod installation is tentatively scheduled to begin on Thursday or Friday.

Update - October 8

Crews continue to work in the tunneling shaft to prepare for tunneling which is expected to begin in mid-October.

Update - Week of October 5

Open cut pipe installation started from south of 66th Ave SW and has now progressed to 58th Ave SW.

On the north end of the construction site, the sending shaft for the microtunneling machine has been installed to a depth of 14m. The next steps will be to prepare the shaft to begin microtunneling.

Updates September 28 - October 2 2015

Open cut pipe installation started from south of 66th Ave SW and is now approximately halfway between 61st and 58th Ave SW. South of this area, the contractor is currently working on backfilling the excavation and restoring the area.

Read the September construction update newsletter...

Update - Sep 24

On the north end of the construction site, you will notice a concrete cylinder sticking out of the ground. This is the sending shaft for the microtunneling machine. To date, the shaft has been installed approximately 12 m deep and will eventually reach a depth of 14 m. Once the shaft construction is complete, the microtunnel boring machine will be lowered into the shaft to start tunneling.

Update - Sep 23

The second of three manhole vaults is being installed this week. You can expect cranes in operation throughout the process.

Update - Sep 22 - You may have noticed, the fence is moving

The construction fencing is shifting north, this means storm trunk construction is progressing! As southern portions of the tunnel installation are completed the construction fencing will be moved north to accommodate the next section of construction.

Update - Sep 21 - West access to North Glenmore Park

There will be no access to North Glenmore Park from 37 Street SW or 66 Avenue SW. The closure is expected to last approximately one month for storm trunk construction.

Phase 2 update

Phase 2 of the project consists of construction from south of 66 Avenue SW to the Elbow River and includes a new outfall to the Elbow River. The City of Calgary is exercising due diligence to mitigate environmental impacts and working with regulatory agencies to comply with all regulatory requirements and permits.