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Bowmont West Fish Habitat Compensation

About the Project

Following the 2013 flood, The City undertook a number of projects to repair and reinforce riverbanks along the Bow River. These projects helped protect critical City infrastructure but in some cases had negative impacts on sensitive fish habitat along the river.

In order to appropriately compensate for the loss of fish habitat, The City identified a number of sites that could supplement lost fish habitat. One of these sites is at the west side of Bowmont Park. Construction and fish compensation started in July 2018 and will last until the end of the year.

The site is located at the west side of Bowmont Park and the fish compensation work will take place on the north bank of the Bow River. Work will entail:

  • Reopening historic side channels.
  • Re-establishing flow to the side channels, through excavation and re-contouring, to provide year-round connectivity from and to the main channel of the Bow River.
  • Constructing additional fish habitat structures using large trees and boulders.
  • Re-planting of all areas that were disturbed by the flood.
  • Adding new channel banks that will have native plants and grasses.
  • Replacement of the existing (North) pedestrian bridge with a longer single span bridge.

Project update

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • Example of a fish compensation project in Quarry Park: after construction.
  • Example of a Fish Compensation project in Quarry Park: before construction.
  • Bowmont Fish Compensation project: Excavated river gravels being placed on island point bar.
  • Bowmont Fish Compensation project: upper isolated area.

August 24 2018

The project is well underway and work so far has included:

  • Isolation mechanisms (trench boxes, gravel filled bulk bags, and sediment curtains) have been installed to separate in-stream work from Bow River.
  • Fish in the construction area have been caught and released back into the Bow River, outside the isolated area. Fish Salvage completed in upstream isolated sections.

Upcoming construction

  • The north pedestrian bridge is scheduled to be removed in late August/early September. There may be restricted access to the off leash dog park during the loading/unloading of the crane. Advanced notice will be provided.

Construction impacts

  • Closure of the pathway along the north side of the river (see map below). Closure of the pedestrian bridge connecting the park with Bowness and the south side of the river.
  • Pathway closures and detours and clearly marked and will be in place until December 2018.
  • River access will be restricted to allow for construction.
  • The west parking lot and adjacent off-leash area is closed and used for a construction staging area.
  • Approximately 12 trees will be removed to allow for construction. These will be used in the fish habitat compensation and replaced with approximately 3,000 trees and shrubs as part of the project.

Bowmont West Fish Habitat Enhancement Project
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If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact 311.