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Glenmore Dam infrastructure improvements

So we can count on our water tomorrow, The City is making infrastructure improvements to the Glenmore Dam.

We are:

  • Utilities relocation project - moving existing utilities from the current location (Phase 1)
  • Rehabilitating deteriorated sections of the structure, including concrete repairs to the dam and the replacement of the entire bridge deck (Phase 2)
  • Replacing the outdated wooden stop log system with new steel gates and elevated hoists (Phase 2)

This work on the Glenmore Dam will:

  • Increase the operational efficiency of the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, through better utilization of the Glenmore Reservoir
  • Extend the lifespan of the concrete dam and bridge deck structures
  • Improve access on the Glenmore Dam bridge deck, both for Maintenance staff and pathway users
  • Allow the City better flexibility in managing both high and low Elbow River flows

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • The tunneling equipment arriving on-site.
  • The tunneling equipment being lifted from the transport truck.
  • The tunneling equipment being placed in a shaft. Once in place it will tunnel underneath the Elbow River.
  • Glenmore Dam - Current View
  • Glenmore Dam - Current View
  • Glenmore Dam - Architectural Rendering
  • Glenmore Dam - Architectural Rendering
  • Glenmore Dam - Architectural Rendering
  • Glenmore Dam - Architectural Rendering

Project timelines

Construction is tentatively scheduled from Q1 2016 to Q2 2019. Please see the latest project notice for more information on schedule and impacts.

Q4 2015 Request for Proposal for Utility Replacement construction issued
Q1 2016 Contract award for Utility Replacement construction
Q1 2016 to Q1/Q2 2017 Utility Replacement construction (Phase 1)
Q2 2017 Request for Proposal for Main Dam construction issued
Q3 2017 Contract award for Main Dam construction
Q4 2017 to Q2 2020 Main Dam construction (Phase 2)

Project benefits to Calgarians & why improvements are necessary

These infrastructure improvements to the Glenmore Dam will:

  • Increase the efficiency of the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, allowing the reservoir full supply level (FSL) to be maintained throughout the winter and facilitating more consistent water management practices – operating procedures that provide both energy savings and a greater benefit to the aquatic environment
  • Extend the lifespan of the Glenmore Dam and bridge deck, both vital components of City infrastructure. The Glenmore Dam was originally built in 1932, and throughout its life has undergone regular maintenance and various upgrades related to provincial regulatory requirements. This project represents the latest re-investment in a critical component of City owned infrastructure - one which is also a significant architectural landmark
  • Improve overall access to the Glenmore Dam bridge deck, an important link in the City's pathway system. Users will benefit from a wider, safer pathway and improved downstream views as a result of the removal of the existing utilities
  • Increase resiliency to both high (flood) and low (drought) flow periods of the Elbow River. The new steel gate and elevated hoist system will allow the City to better respond to and manage fluctuating river volumes

A word about improving flood resiliency...

The Glenmore Dam was built in 1932, with the objective of providing a stable supply of drinking water to the citizens of Calgary via the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant. The structure has achieved its original goal and more, and has evolved to become an important component in managing high flow events on the Elbow River.

These latest improvements to the Glenmore Dam, specifically the new steel gate & elevated hoist system, will allow the City greater flexibility in mitigating flood events which can occur in the spring. In conjunction with additional measures planned for upstream of the dam, these improvements will increase the City's flood resilience in low & moderate (e.g. 1 in 40 year) events, and will greatly reduce the potential for flood damage in areas downstream of the Glenmore Dam, including residential neighbourhoods and the downtown core.

The Provincial Government, through the Alberta Community Resiliency Program, has committed to fund a portion of the Glenmore Dam Infrastructure Improvement Project.