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Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results


Since 1997, The City of Calgary has conducted its annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey to ask Calgarians how satisfied they are with City performance, programs, services, and overall quality of life in Calgary.
Annual survey findings provide a performance-based report for Council, Administration, and the public, and serves as an important tool for examining the larger picture of understanding the needs and perceptions of Calgarians and identifying areas for improvement.

2017 Results Highlights

Quality of Life
85 per cent of Calgarians say their quality of life is ‘good,’ a slight increase from 2016.

Further, almost one-half (45%) of Calgarians say that quality of life has ‘stayed the same’ in the past three years, while two-in-ten (20%) say quality of life has ‘improved,’ a two per cent increase from 2016.
Issue Agenda
When it comes to Calgarians’ key issues, Infrastructure, traffic, and roads remain at the top of the Issue Agenda for Calgarians, while transit and crime, safety, and policing remain second and third, respectively.
City Programs and Services
With 79% of Calgarians saying they are satisfied with the overall level and quality of services and programs provided by The City, overall satisfaction with City services and programs remains high.
Value for Taxes
60% of Calgarians give The City a ‘good value’ rating for the value of their property tax dollars in 2017, a 3 point dip from 2016 (63%), and 5 points down from 2015 (65%).

Calgarians remain divided in their preferences for tax increases versus service cuts: one-half (50%) say they support tax increases to maintain or expand services while a similar proportion (45%) support cutting services to maintain or reduce taxes.

2017 Ward Summaries

Results from the Citizen Satisfaction Survey are analyzed at a ward level in order to help The City make decisions that are based on the unique needs of each community.
Ward 1 Ward 5 Ward 9 Ward 13
Ward 2 Ward 6 Ward 10 Ward 14
Ward 3 Ward 7 Ward 11
Ward 4 Ward 8 Ward 12

Additional Resources


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Toolkit for Teachers

A teacher's guide is available to help students understand how surveys can be used to gauge citizen satisfaction and help decisions about City services.