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Property tax payment


The City of Calgary offers a variety of property tax payment options to pay directly to The City or through your bank.

Tax bill copy

Need a copy of your tax bill or a payment receipt? Visit Property Tax Document Request.


How would you like to pay?

Pay directly to The City

CREDIT CARDS cannot be used to pay property tax directly to The City of Calgary.
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​​​​​​​​Pay through your bank


Credit cards and property tax payment

Credit cards cannot be used to pay property tax directly to The City of Calgary.

Some third-party online payment providers in Canada offer credit card as a payment option for property tax.

The City of Calgary does not endorse third-party payment providers and advises customers that:

  • companies offering this service charge transaction fees, which are paid by the customer,
  • there is no guaranteed date when the payment will be received by The City, and the delivery of payment to The City can take several days or weeks, and
  • property owners are responsible to pay their property tax bill by the due date. If payment is received after the due date, the property owner will be responsible to pay any resulting late payment penalty.


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Contact Property Tax​​

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