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Code of Conduct

Do the right thing.

Check the code.

What we do says a lot about who we are. 

In our role as employees, we are constantly making decisions and judgement calls. This is one of the many reasons why The City has a Code of Conduct. It provides us with a common reference on standards of behaviour and guidance when we find ourselves in the grey areas.

The Code helps us fulfill our role as public servants responsibly and with integrity. It reminds us to incorporate our core values into our day to day work.

Our Code of Conduct aligns with our newly defined corporate culture. It builds upon the four qualities that define our culture: character, commitment, competence and collaboration. The 4 Cs support the Code as a guide for our behaviour as City employees.

The Code as a guide

If you haven’t reviewed the Code of Conduct policies in a while, this website will review the essentials of each using videos, case studies and tip sheets and give you lots to talk about. During the course of our current awareness campaign we’ll add more policies so you can get to know them all.

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