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Ward 14 Councillor Peter Demong

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Welcome to the official Ward 14 website and thank you for the incredible opportunity to serve as your Councillor.  Through this site I hope to keep you informed of ongoing issues and current topics concerning your community and the City of Calgary.

Please use the contact form to stay connected through email updates, and to share your suggestions on how I can enhance City Council and Administration’s service to you, your community, and Ward 14.


 Ward news


Ward 14 News: July 2015 Newsletter

Updated: 2015-07-01 00:00:00
Howdy Ward 14! Every year I try to wrangle up some money for a good cause and celebration.  The cause is our hard working community associations, and the celebration is the Ward 14 Communities BBQ.  You can get a tasty burger there, and you’ll see...

Notice of Motion: Constructive Use of Council and Administration's Time

Updated: 2015-06-26 00:00:00
First brought to Council:  June 29, 2015Outcome: Carried as amended Alberta has been feeling the impact of low oil prices for almost a year now.  Jobs in the private sector continue to be under the microscope.  Budgets will be tight going forward,...

Ward 14 News: 162 & 194 Avenue Intersections

Updated: 2015-06-15 00:00:00
Planning of the 162 Avenue and Macleod Trail Interchange project continues, and I am glad to see it.  The south desperately needs this interchange at one of the city’s busiest intersections.  It is great to see all the hard work finally nearing...

Notice of Motion: Dandelion Control on City Property

Updated: 2015-06-11 00:00:00
First brought to Council:  June 15, 2015Outcome: Carried The City of Calgary’s Integrated Pest Management Plan was approved by Council in 1998.  It was developed mainly in response to public concerns over the use of pesticides.  It has led to a...

Ward 14 News: June 2015 Newsletter

Updated: 2015-05-21 00:00:00
Hi Ward 14! Events!  There are all sorts of events going on this summer. You will find a lot of them—like community cleanups and pre-stampede gatherings—in the pages of this publication, and enduring the cold winter makes these events that much...
Councillor Peter Demong 

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