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Green Line LRT project -​ Our Engagement Process

Green Line -​ Our Engagement Process

Engagement approach

Public engagement at The City of Calgary is guided by the Engage Policy and Engage Framework. The City's engagement portal is the online hub for all projects accepting public input at The City of Calgary. In most cases you can provide input on Green Line activities on the Green Line specific page.

The City's Engage Policy is in place to ensure we set a standard of excellence when working with citizens and stakeholders by following engagement best practices consistently across The City.

The Engage Framework is City Administration's guide to public engagement. It helps increase understanding of the purpose and benefits of public engagement, clarifies roles and responsibilities, and includes tools to support the public engagement process.

Engagement on the Green Line

The future Green Line LRT will touch numerous communities and areas, each with unique identities, and diverse area planning needs. The public engagement process strives to accommodate and respect the individuality of each community, while facilitating meaningful dialogue to gather the necessary design information. In most cases, public input is one of many factors that must be considered by the project team when making decisions. Other factors include cost, community impact, environmental considerations, technical feasibility, etc.

Starting in 2015, the Green Line team has worked closely with communities, businesses, developers, and other key stakeholders along the route to identify opportunities, understand and mitigate community concerns. The engagement process has also enabled the team to understand and align with community objectives, while balancing the needs of transit customers.