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Green Line LRT Project

For local business along the Green Line

For local business along the Green Line

Stage 1 of the Green Line LRT runs from 126 Avenue S.E. to 16 Avenue N. It will run through more than 15 communities and alongside hundreds of businesses. We know that Green Line LRT construction will be disruptive to communities, businesses and their customers, and we are working to identify ways that we can help impacted businesses during and after construction.

Supporting local business during construction

We are building a team and developing a Business Support Program to help local businesses throughout the construction period. Construction will impact businesses differently depending on the type of business, its proximity to construction, and what is being built (e.g. a tunnel, an elevated track, a station or relocation of utilities). 

As we prepare for Green Line LRT construction, we are planning with businesses in mind. We are committed to ensuring local businesses feel informed, connected, prepared and supported during construction of the Green Line LRT project.

To inform our approach to supporting businesses, we have established a Business Insights Panel to ensure that local business perspectives are embedded in our consultation process.

To support businesses, the program will focus on:

  • Proactive planning to reduce impacts to businesses during construction.
  • Accurate, timely communication to businesses regarding construction disruptions and the programs/resources available for support.
  • Building relationships with impacted businesses and keeping lines of communication open to resolve emerging issues.
  • Providing support by collaborating with impacted businesses and communities to develop and deliver a collection of initiatives that alleviate the impacts of LRT construction, promote business and improve the experience for customers during construction.

How might a Business Support Program help my business?

The program is currently being developed and we do not have all the answers today. As more construction details are known, the team will consult with impacted businesses and the business community to learn more about how we can best support them.  

Potential initiatives to support businesses could include:

  • Improved signage to promote businesses in construction areas
  • Improved wayfinding and detour signs during construction and road closures
  • Providing detour and alternate parking communications materials for impact businesses
  • Campaigns to support local businesses, such as #SupportLocalYYC

Where did the idea for a Business Support Program come from?

In 2015, City Council directed Administration through a Notice of Motion (NM2015) to consult with the impacted business community to develop a business support program, and report back to the Green Line Committee, prior to commencement of construction of the Green Line LRT.

For the past few years, we have been learning from other major projects in Calgary and from other cities with comparable infrastructure projects. We have been learning from businesses and communities impacted by Green Line’s enabling works projects in Beltline, Ramsay, Highfield, Ogden and Douglas Glen. We have been testing ideas and working to better understand our stakeholders in preparation for LRT construction so that we can set ourselves up to better support impacted businesses.

Business Insights Panel

A Business Insights Panel (BIP) was formed in January 2021 to ensure that local business perspectives are embedded in our consultation process. The role of the panel is to provide perspective and make suggestions to the project team regarding the development of the Business Support Program.

The Panel is not a decision-making body; decision-making authority will remain the responsibility of the Green Line project team. The project team will consider input from the public and members of the Business Insights Panel to inform decisions related to the Business Support Program.


The Business Insights Panel may consist of up to 22 members with representation from all areas of Green Line LRT Stage 1 (126 Avenue S.E. to 16 Avenue N). Current membership is comprised of representatives from Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) and Community Association (CA) representatives. Additional members will be recruited in the future.

The first official meeting of the panel took place in January 2021 and included a presentation from the BSP program manager to help set a foundation for establishing program objectives. The BIP continues to meet on a monthly basis.

The list of current members includes representatives from:

  • Beltline BIA
  • Calgary Downtown Association
  • Crescent Heights BIA
  • Chinatown BIA
  • Inglewood BIA
  • Victoria Park BIA
  • DouglasQuarry CA
  • Eau Claire CA
  • Millican-Ogden CA
  • Ramsay CA

Connect with us

We will engage with businesses once we have more specific construction details to share. Our priority will be to connect with properties and businesses that will be impacted by upcoming construction for the utility relocation program in Beltline and Downtown.

For now, we have a team building a database of businesses that are located near future Green Line LRT construction areas, and we are exploring different ways we can support businesses. If you have a question for the team or an idea to share please email

You can also sign up for the Green Line newsletter to stay informed about the project.

If you operate a business that may be impacted by Green Line LRT construction, we encourage you to  fill out the business operations survey or email us at to connect with our community relations team and help us better understand your business.

What construction might look like

The Green Line LRT project is a linear infrastructure project. Stage 1 includes 20 kilometres of light rail track and will have at-grade, elevated and underground components. To help put the scale of these types of projects into perspective, we have included a small handful of images of LRT construction projects from Calgary and around the world.

Projects of this scale take much longer to plan for and deliver than a typical City infrastructure project. It’s important to understand that we don’t have all the information today and that we will not have many of the details around construction impacts for some time to come.

There are different construction methods that are used to build projects like the Green Line LRT. These photos represent a variety of construction methods, however, the actual method of construction of the Green Line LRT project is not known at this time.

Is your business between 126 Ave SE and 16 Ave N?

Answer a short questionnaire to join our database of Green Line businesses. Sharing your information will help us plan for Stage 1 of construction.