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Prequalification for construction prime contractor

The City uses prequalification as a method to develop and maintain a list of Prime Contractors who meet the minimum standards to be considered for City construction work in various work categories.

What is a Prime Contractor and when is a Prime Contractor required?

A Prime Contractor is required at all worksites where two or more employers are engaged in work at the same site, even if they are not working at the same time but their activities may have an impact on each other or are interrelated. The contractor counts as an employer, as does each self-employed worker, and as can the owner. The prime contractor is responsible for:

  • Monitoring activities to ensure that a worksite’s health and safety system is functioning properly
  • Coordinating internal health and safety systems of multiple employers
  • Coordinating effective communication in relation to health and safety at a worksite
  • Ensuring that the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation is complied with on the worksite, including but not limited to:
    • required first aid services, equipment and supplies are available at the work site;
    • equipment erected or installed by or on behalf of the prime contractor complies with requirements of the OHS Code as if the prime contractor was the employer;
    • any employer on a work site is made aware of any existing or potential work site hazards that may affect that employer’s workers;
    • investigating serious injury incidents; and
    • managing controlled products.

Reference: Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulation and Code and Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Bulletin for The Prime Contractor.

Who should be prequalified

Contractors interested in working for The City as a Prime Contractor for major construction projects must be prequalified in order to bid on future opportunities.
Categories of construction that require prequalification are specified in the prequalification document. Requirements for categories of construction that are not listed in the prequalification document are advertised on MERX Calgary and Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) as business needs arise.

Prequalified contractors

How to become prequalified

Contractors must respond to The City's Request for Prequalification (RFPQ) for Prime Contractor for Construction Projects. For more information on the RFPQ, see #14-010 Prequalification for Prime Contractor for Construction Projects. If you have further questions, please email City of Calgary Prequalification.

Once responses are evaluated, Contractors who meet the minimum standards specified in the document will be notified by The City of their prequalification status.

Compliance requirements

Contractors who have applied for Prequalified Prime Contractor for Construction Projects status are evaluated on four elements of compliance:

  1. Commercial (e.g., WCB, safety certification, bonding, etc.) 
  2. Safety
  3. Environmental
  4. Technical - requirements will include previous experience working as a Prime Contractor, references, past experience within the applicable scope of work.

Validity period for prequalification

The validity period for contractor approval based on the current RFPQ ​is three (3) years from the date of notice of prequalification; however, The City may, at any time during the prequalification period, re-evaluate or require further information from the prime contractor to maintain their "prequalified" status.

Frequently asked questions about prequalification

Frequently asked questions​​​