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Medically prescribed cannabis

When recreational cannabis is legal, medically prescribed cannabis is exempt from the Cannabis Consumption Bylaw.

Medically prescribed cannabis is still subject to provincial regulations.

Medical cannabis users must present their prescription to police officers upon request (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations).

Under the Cannabis Consumption Bylaw, City of Calgary bylaw officers and peace officers may also request documentation.

Public smoking of medicinal cannabis

Use of medically prescribed cannabis is prohibited in the same areas where smoking is prohibited.

It may be smoked or vaped in many of the same areas that are allowed under the Smoking and Vaping Bylaw.

Only medically prescribed cannabis may be used in the areas that fall under the Smoking and Vaping Bylaw.

Public smoking or vaping of cannabis for medical purposes is prohibited by the Government of Alberta in the following:

  • on hospital property, school property or child care facility property
  • in or within a specified distance from the following:
    • playground
    • sports or playing field
    • skateboard or bicycle park
    • zoo
    • outdoor theatre
    • outdoor pool or splash pad
    • in any motor vehicle, except those being used as a temporary residence (such as a parked RV)
    • at cannabis retail outlets

The Smoking and Vaping Bylaw prohibits the use of cannabis in, on or within five metres of public transit or transit property.

Other consumption methods

Consumption methods other than smoking or vaping of medically prescribed cannabis will be permitted in all public settings. This includes:

  • consumption of edibles, caplets, tinctures or sprays, or
  • the application of oils or creams.

Government of Alberta regulations

The Province and the City handle regulations on where cannabis may be consumed.

In Alberta, Bill 26 (section 90.28) states medically prescribed cannabis may be consumed in some public spaces where smoking tobacco is allowed, but is banned in vehicles and on any Alberta hospital property, school grounds or child care facility property.

The Government of Alberta gave municipalities the ability to create additional restrictions on public consumption that are tailored to their communities.