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Public consumption of cannabis

At this time, the sale and possession of non-medical cannabis remains illegal. The exact date of cannabis legalization is yet to be confirmed, however the federal government has indicated it is still working towards summer, 2018.

Violating the Cannabis Consumption Bylaw can mean a ticket ranging from $50-100. This is effective the day the bylaw becomes law.

Using cannabis on private property

Under Provincial and Municipal laws, a person can smoke, vape or otherwise consume cannabis on their private property.

The City of Calgary does not regulate use on private property.

The City will view cannabis smoke in the same way as cigarette or fire-pit smoke. It may annoying to some, but it is legal.

Unless smoke is over and above what one could expect from day-to-day activities, it is considered part and parcel of city living.

Using cannabis on rental property and in condos

Rental properties may forbid cannabis consumption.

Landlord/tenant agreements or condo bylaws can restrict cannabis consumption under Provincial law.

We encourage you to talk to your landlord about edible cannabis products. Although edible cannabis products such as brownies and cookies cannot be legally sold until further federal and provincial regulations, edible cannabis products may be made at home. If you live in a rental unit or condo, you might consider discussing with your landlord or condo board whether rules would allow for edibles to be made in your building.


Cannabis and Calgary's public spaces

As part of the new Cannabis Consumption Bylaw, public use rules for cannabis are like those for public consumption of alcohol.

It will be illegal to consume cannabis in any form (smoking, vaping, or edibles) in public places. An exemption will apply for medical cannabis.

Council has asked Administration to return in the coming months with considerations for designated cannabis consumption areas. 

Public consumption is also regulated by the provincial government. The following regulations apply throughout Alberta:

  • Cannabis consumption is not allowed in vehicles.
  • There will be no consumption of cannabis at any cannabis retail outlets.
  • Landlord/tenant agreements or condo bylaws may restrict cannabis consumption in rental units.

Calgary's rule of preventing public cannabis use is a best practice in all other North American jurisdictions that have legalized use. It also reflects the concerns Calgarians expressed in our research and engagement efforts.

Cannabis cafes

Smoking lounges, cafes or specialized bars for cannabis are not allowed. There are no licensed public premises where cannabis can be used.

This may be addressed by the federal and provincial governments in the future.