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Mills Park redevelopment

Mills Park rendering

Mills Park, located on the corner of 9 Avenue and 14 Street S.E. in the community of Inglewood, currently contains an open green space and a small playground. The playground is due for replacement, and has been identified as a good location for a new form of playground – a natural play space.

Public engagement

We’ve heard from Calgarians on the type of natural play space they’d like to see in Mills Park back in May (2016). Now, the preferred concept has been developed. See what we’ve come up with and what inspired the design.

About Mills Park

Mills Park will be one of the first natural play spaces in a City park, and will be redeveloped entirely with natural (and natural looking) play elements, which could mean a giant pit of leaves for kids to jump into, a wooden log jam for balancing, a mud painting area or more. It will have minimal to no traditional playground structures.

The playgrounds in East Village and St. Patrick’s Island Park are alternative playgrounds that incorporate traditional playground structures with components of natural play.