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Planning an event, gathering or outing? The City offers park space, picnic sites, meeting rooms, tennis courts, pathways and other unique venues and event facilities in our parks that are available to rent at reasonable prices. It is advised but not mandatory to have a permit to use park space for a gathering.

Parks venue bookings

Looking for a venue to hold a general meeting, planning session, presentation, or training session? How about a corporate function, wedding or party? Parks has the perfect venue to fit your needs.

Picnic sites

Parks has over 45 picnic sites in 9 different parks available for booking. View the picnic site information to see which site works best for you.

Parks, pathways and greenspaces

A number of city-owned parks and pathways may be suitable for holding events of any size. Hold your wedding or corporate function in one of Calgary's parks.

Tennis courts

The City of Calgary owns and operates approximately 160 tennis courts at 51 sites throughout the city. Many of which can be booked for special events or tournaments.

Do I require a permit to make a booking in a park?

Groups and individuals planning to access public land for informal and casual use do not require a permit. Such activities will occur on a casual and intermittent basis and access to the space is not guaranteed.

However, other groups and individuals may require the following permits:

  • Greenspace Permit - an issued greenspace permit will provide permission to use the public park and ensure public access and safety is managed. It does not provide permission to sell services within the park, nor does it provide exclusive use of the park space.
  • Mobile Vendor Permit - a mobile vendor agreement is generally for a one year period and provides permission for a commercial entity to advertise/solicit business in a public park (ie. hot dog and ice cream vendors).
  • Food Truck Parking Stall Application - licensed food truck vendors can apply to reserve a parking space in a park or athletic field parking lot.

Boot camps and fitness classes in parks

Parks are public open spaces and users are welcome and encouraged to visit these spaces for both active and passive, casual and organized recreation. All Calgarians have an equal opportunity to access park space. For those wishing to offer regularly scheduled activities in our parks, such as fitness classes and boot camps, in public parks, please review the following guidelines:

For groups who plan to consistently access the same space for organized activities, a greenspace application is required to be submitted in order to book the park space.

Why do I need a greenspace application?

  • A green space application will identify when (times/days) organized activities are planned in a park so it can identify potential conflicts when many users are all trying to organize activities in the same space for the same time period.
  • It also ensures groups who are organizing activities on public spaces have the appropriate insurance and licensing in place.
    Permit holders will have priority and permission to use the space over non permit holders.
  • A green space application will identify the exact location of the booking (note: public access points, such as stairways cannot be booked for single group activities and must always remain accessible to all park visitors)

NOTE: a green space application approves the use of the space for recreational activities; it does not approve sales nor vending within a park space. For groups wishing to advertise scheduled activities in parks In order to solicit business in a park, a mobile vendors permit is required. The Parks and Pathways Bylaw stipulates that all commercial activities in a park space require Director's approval; licensing and insurance requirements will also apply. A vendor permit is required for those businesses which operate in a park space including food vendors and service vendors. The Parks and Pathways Bylaw will be enforced.

For more information, please contact us.