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Tennis courts

Tennis courts

The City owns and operates approximately 66 outdoor tennis courts throughout Calgary. 

We have recently adapted 11 courts around the city for the new and upcoming sport of pickleball. These courts are multi-use with both tennis and pickleball capabilities. No tennis courts were lost, but they do allow for the option of pickleball if desired.

Note: court opening is weather dependent and may close if necessary.

Court locations

Courts not listed below are maintained by the Community Association. Please contact the Community Association directly.

* court has been adapted for pickleball play


Tennis court locations

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Tennis and pickleball season generally runs from May to October and the nets will be set up prior to the start of the season (weather permitting).

Please note:

  • Most City-owned courts are fenced and locked during the off-season to prevent and reduce vandalism and damage. When weather permits, courts may open early. If the nets are up and the gates are unlocked before the season opens in May, the public are free to play. Rules and regulations are clearly posted on the fencing.
  • Some community-owned courts may be private (for community association members only). Call the appropriate community association for this information.
  • The City does not operate any indoor courts. Most indoor facilities are run by private clubs.
  • Courts may be closed for repair or lifecycle upgrading.

Please note that players are limited to 30 minutes of playing time if there are people waiting to play on all City-owned courts.

Courts can be booked for special events/tournaments.

Call 311 to report any concerns or problems with court maintenance, vandalism, hazards etc.