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Ward 8 - Evan Woolley

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Title: Alcohol in Parks Engagement Opportunity

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COCShortDescription: Calgarians will be able to provide feedback on allowing consumption of alcohol at picnic sites in the City.

COCDescription: <p>​We’re in the midst of a relatively mild winter, especially compared to 2018, but it’s not exactly picnic weather yet. Nonetheless, City of Calgary staff are planning ahead and looking for feedback around potentially allowing the consumption of alcohol at picnic sites in City parks.<br /><br />Europe is perhaps the best example of allowing alcohol in parks. I’ve travelled to many other countries and noticed many people drinking in parks while having picnics without issues. Canada’s most European city, Montreal, allows consumption of alcohol in parks, provided it is with a meal. <br /><br />Beginning today, until January 31, the <a href="" target="_blank">Engage website</a> will be open for input. Specifically, you’ll be able to let the City know what you think about allowing the consumption of alcohol at a designated picnic site within a park, with food. In theory, a glass of wine with a picnic would be okay, or even a beer with your burger. Drinking while playing sports or engaging in other activities without food would not be allowed. Intoxication would not be tolerated and current AGLC regulations would still apply.<br /><br />If the public’s response to online engagement is positive, a pilot project will be launched this summer. Please<a href="" target="_blank"> click this link </a>to provide your feedback.<br /><br />As always, feel free to contact my office should you have additional questions or feedback: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> or 403-268-2431</p>

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Alcohol in Parks Engagement Opportunity

January 17, 2019

Calgarians will be able to provide feedback on allowing consumption of alcohol at picnic sites in the City.

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Description: <div class="ExternalClass93F0DAB3CF2A4259A505BA82698FE6F3"><p>Ward 8 sees more development than almost every other part of Calgary.​</p></div>

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Ward 8 sees more development than almost every other part of Calgary.​

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