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  • Bowness Flood Protection - Q and A

    Bowness Flood Barrier   Being so close to the Bowness River means that there is always a risk of flooding, and there is a 12% chance of one happening in the community each year.   In 2016, The City hired external consultants to update the Provin...

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  • 2018 Pavement Rehabilitation Program

    2018 Pavement Rehabilitation ProgramThe City of Calgary’s Roads Business Unit has finalized the annual Pavement Rehabilitation Program for 2018. There are roadways in Ward 1 that have been selected for pavement rehabilitation and repair throughout th...

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  • Annual Spring Clean-Up

    Spring Clean UpSpring Clean-up is a city-wide street sweeping program that takes place in Spring every year. The City sweeps over 16,000 lane kms of paved roads in a planned effort to keep the city clean and safe for pedestrians, motorists and cyclis...

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  • Flood Season

    The City of Calgary – Preparing for flood season  With a higher-than-average snowpack, overland flooding affecting several Alberta communities and the five-year anniversary of the 2013 Southern Alberta flood, we know that river flooding is top-of-mi...

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  • Ward 1 Report, May 2018

    The Ward 1 Report is out for the month of May! Get the latest news on Olympic plebiscite, public consumption of cannabis, cannabis businesses, Calgary flood readiness, spring street sweeping, and more!   Click on the cover below to navigate to the...

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  • 2017 Corporate Annual Report Release

    2017 Corporate Annual Report 2018 April 23   Description   The City of Calgary’s 2017 Corporate Annual Report, featuring the audited consolidated financial statements along with highlights of significant accomplishments, will be presented to...

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  • Continuation of the 2026 Olympic Bid Process

    Continuation of the 2026 Olympic Bid Process Firstly, I am sure there will be some people disappointed in my decision today.  This has been an extremely divisive issue for many Calgarians.  I would appreciate that you invest the time to read this po...

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  • April 2018 Ward 1 Report

    Ward 1 Report - April Issue Get the latest news on cannabis legislation, secondary suite changes, waste and recycling financial reporting changes and more! The Ward 1 monthly report is out! Click on the cover below to navigate to the reader. Ha...

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  • Position on the Olympic Bid

    My Position on the Olympic Bid  Ward Sutherland April 10th, 2018   In today’s Priorities and Finance Committee (PFC) meeting, the amendment to vote on whether to proceed or not with the Olympic bid passed 9-1. This means Calgary Council will ...

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  • Water service line leaks

    Water service line or waterline leaks usually happen due to corrosion from pipe age, pipe materials, surrounding soil conditions, ground movement and/or the growth and shrinkage of the service pipe from temperature changes. Want to know how to find ...

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