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  • December 2013 Newsletter

    Since this is the first newsletter I am able to write following October’s Election, I want to take a moment to thank you for your support.   Three years ago I began learning how City Hall ticks.  There is only one way that I have come up with to desc...

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  • November 2013 Newsletter

    It’s great to know that when I mention my Ward 14 Communities BBQ people understand what I’m talking about.  It’s great because people are thinking about their local Community Association: the volunteers that bring them programs, events, playgrounds,...

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  • October 2013 Newsletter

    Hello Ward 14!                There were two parks in our Ward that were hit hard by the infamous flood of 2013.  In this edition of my newsletter column, I would like to give you a bit of an update on how they have fared and what their current sta...

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  • Website will not be updated until after October 28

    Earlier this year Council approved a new 'Members of Council and Election Campaigns' policy. The intent of the policy was to set out ethical guidelines for Councillors during times of campaigning. In practice, the policy limits the ability for Member...

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  • Notice of Motion: Senior single fare for transit users

    First brought to Council:September 9, 2013Outcome:Referred to Administration. The cost of just about everything is constantly rising. For those without an income, like most seniors, this can be an especially serious problem. In Calgary, the market i...

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  • September 21st Ward 14 communities BBQ

    I would like to invite you all to join me on September 21st in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Ward 14's hardworking community associations. Get a free burger, a free membership to your local Community Association, and bring a non-perisha...

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  • Top five Aldertalk topics

    Since the first gathering in January of 2012, the popularity of Aldertalk has exploded. Not only is it great just to get a chance to listen to people's opinions and concerns, but to hear neighbours engage each other in debate really puts a smile on m...

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  • September 2013 newsletter

    Residents of Ward 14, Please join me on September 21st for the 3rd annual Ward 14 communities BBQ! Date: September 21st, 2013Time: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.Location: Southcentre Mall parking lot (on the South side near Sears)       Promoting the benefi...

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  • August 2013 newsletter

    It's amazing how a few days can change things. On Wednesday June 19th, 2013, people leisurely crossed the Bow River Pathway Bridge linking Ward 14 to Douglasdale through Mallard Point in Fish Creek Provincial Park. On the evening of June 20th the wa...

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  • Flood update - Temporary offices and contact information

    The Aldermanic Offices have been temporarily relocated to the Municipal Complex while City staff work diligently to restore power and function to Historic City Hall which was significantly impacted by the recent flood event in Calgary. It is estimate...

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