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  • Elbow Valley Site Construction Update

    ELBOW VALLEY SITE UPDATE   Silvera for Seniors is moving forward to redevelop the Elbow Valley site. The City has approved the required utility connections and completion of 50 Ave. SW along the south boundary of the site. Silvera's contractor h...

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  • Sirocco LRT Parking Lot Expansion Update

    Sirocco LRT Parking Lot Expansion   October 2016 – Information Notice #2   With the winter season drawing near, the expansion of the Sirocco LRT parking lot has been postponed to commence in the spring of 2017.   ...

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  • You Can Now Report Street Light Outages Online!

    Report Street Light Outages Online     You can now report any street light outages online! This application allows you to easily report street light outages in your community. You can locate the street light on a map and report it instantly to ...

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  • Tell us what you think about Temporary Roadside Signs

    Over the next two weeks, The City will be seeking feedback about the use of temporary signs on public property at the side of roads and boulevards. Temporary signs are often used to advertise community events, school and sport registrations, sm...

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  • Please join me on October 22nd for a Ward Community Traffic Safety Meeting and Workshop

    Stay informed about events like this and sign up for The Ward 6 Report sent directly to your inbox, click here.   Ward 6, City of Calgary traffic safety and the Calgary Police Service (CPS) will be hosting a community traffic safety meeting on ...

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  • City Charter Public Information Sessions

    To sign up for The Ward 6 Report sent directly to your inbox, click here. The Government of Alberta, The City of Calgary and City of Edmonton have been working collaboratively since 2014 to develop City Charters, which are special legislative agreem...

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  • Help Cleanup Griffith Woods Natural Area

    Volunteers are needed to help pick up natural area woody debris in Griffith Woods on Friday, October 21. Volunteers can drop-in between 1 – 4 p.m. Registration is located at the main parking lot along Discovery Ridge Blvd S.W.  Representati...

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  • October 2016 Community Newsletter

    October 2016 Community Newsletter Hello, Please accept your Ward 6 Team’s warm wishes to you this Thanksgiving. I hope you will explore some of the great parks in Ward 6 with your family like Griffith Woods, Paskapoo Slopes, the Strathco...

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  • Crowchild Trail Study - Review the draft recommendations & give your input

    Crowchild Trail Study – Review the draft recommendations & give your input   Join The City of Calgary at one of the upcoming  Phase 5: Concept Selection and Recommendation engagement events to review the draft recommendations for Crowchild Trai...

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  • Meter Exchange Program in Ward 6 Communities

    The City of Calgary Water Services is continuing with a water meter exchange program that began on  September 30, 2013.  As part of this program, customers in Ward 6 will be contacted about changes to their water meter.    The program is targeting ex...

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