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  • Druh Supports 25 percent Movement

    The United Nations set a minimum standard of 30% representation by women in government. Women account for half our population, so it should be simple, right?  Sadly, in Canada, only 25% of those elected to office are women and our nation ranks 48t...

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  • City Launches Online Research Panel - Citizens' View

    Each year, The City of Calgary conducts research and engagement to better understand citizens’ preferences, needs, and satisfaction levels with our programs and services.On October 21, The City launched an online research panel called Citizens’ View;...

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  • Changes to Snow Route Parking Ban

    The Calgary Roads Department has made some important and significant changes to its Snow Route parking ban program for the upcoming winter season. Roads evaluates the Snow Route parking ban program every year to identify areas for improvement and bui...

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  • Why Calgary Needs City-Wide Composting

    Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the garbage you throw away every week? Once the waste leaves your sidewalk, it is no longer your problem. If only things were that simple. Our leftover food and yard waste has effects that are longer last...

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  • Debt, Growth, and Budgets – looking for a better way

    Calgary remains one of the fastest growing cities in North America.  Every five years, Calgary adds roughly the population of the City of Regina to its borders.  During my time in office, from 2001 to today, our population has grown by 36%, with over...

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  • Public Art Unveiled at Emergency Operations Centre

    Strange objects have been arriving by flatbed trucks to the Emergency Operations Centre in Rotary Park. They are the first pieces of sculpture for the public art installation, Frozen River, sponsored by the Calgary Fire Department and the Calgary Pub...

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  • Mayor Nenshi Proclaims October End Poverty Month

    Mayor Nenshi Proclaims October "End Poverty Month"  An estimated 22,000 children in Calgary are living in poverty, creating a long-term impact on our entire community.  Over one-third of Calgarians worry about not having enough money for ho...

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  • A Safer, Pedestrian-Friendly City

    All Calgarians experience the city as a pedestrian.  Whether we drive, take transit, cycle, walk, in-line skate, or skateboard, most of us start or end our trips on foot.  From the people who walk to work every day, to the hundreds of thousands of ri...

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  • Action Plan 2015-2018 Update

    “Calgary:  a great place to make a living; a great place to make a life.” In November, Council will set Calgary’s direction for the next four year by reviewing the City’s business plan and budget. Action Plan 2015-2018 builds on five priority themes...

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  • Snow Emergency Update - Pick up, Pitch in, Pull Together

    Pick up, Pitch in, Pull together. We Calgarians are once again showing our spirit by helping each other through power outages caused by the storm, emergency reporting of unsafe conditions, and cleaning up our neighbourhoods of tree debris. The main ...

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