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Floodway / flood fringe maps

How to find flood and flood fringe maps

To find out if your property is in a floodway or flood fringe area, we recommend that you first visit the Government of Alberta's (GOA) official Flood Hazard Map. You can also find more information at the GOA's Flood Hazard mapping site.

To learn what you can do to prepare for flooding, visit our Flood Preparation page.

City of Calgary flood and flood fringe information

We also offer floodway / flood fringe information in two formats:

City of Calgary floodway and flood fringe maps (excluding Downtown & Beltline area)

The floodway / flood fringe maps show the floodway / flood fringe areas of the Bow and Elbow Rivers and the Nose and West Nose Creeks. These maps apply to most of the city with the exception of Downtown and Beltline.

View the Downtown and Beltline maps
Floodway /Floodplain maps for Downtown and Beltline

To access the appropriate City Floodway/Flood fringe maps in PDF format, simply click on a section on the map below.

1NWW 6NW 5NW 4NW 3NW 2NW 34W 35W 26W 25W 23W 24W 19C 21C 22C 18C 17C 16C 15C 14C 13C 9E 12C 11C 10C 9C 4W 3W 4C 3C 2C 1C 36SW 25SW 30S 32S 33S 35S 26S 36S 25S 23S 24S 16SE 13S 14S 12S 9SE 4SE 1S 7SSEE 12SSE 3SSE 4SSE 11SSE 10SSE 16SSE 9SSE 36SS 31SSE 32SSE 25SS 30SSE 24SS 19SSE 20SSE 13SS 18SSE 17SSE 7SSE 8SSE

This map forms part of Land Use Bylaw 1P2007.


City of Calgary floodplain, floodway and flood fringe maps (entire City)

The City’s Land Use Bylaw 1P2007 maps shows the new Land Use District for each parcel of land in the City, and can also be used to determine if your property is in a floodway or flood fringe.