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Pre-application meetings

A pre-application inquiry is a voluntary process where a prospective applicant may present a development proposal to The City for review and comment, prior to a formal application being submitted.

For simple inquiries, a quick exchange of information with a City planner may be sufficient. Pre-application meetings are strongly recommended on all major, complex or controversial Outline Plan, Subdivision, Land Use Amendment and Development Permit Applications. Having a pre-application meeting can help identify major issues with the proposal, as well as identify supplemental technical information that will be required to accompany the formal application.

For questions that can be answered by phone or email, there is no fee. A Corporate Planning Applications Group (CPAG) pre-application fee is charged if a formal meeting is required with CPAG.This is a meeting with a planner and representatives from Parks, Transportation and Development Engineering. The fee for the CPAG pre-application meeting can be found on the second page of the Planning Applications Fee Schedule.

If you wish to set up a pre-application meeting to evaluate your proposal, or if you have questions pertaining to the pre-application process, please call 403-268-5311 or visit in person at the Customer Service Counter, 3rd Floor of the Municipal Building.