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2018 Paving Program

Construction Detours Pothole repairs Back lane paving


The 2018 paving program includes approximately 40 locations where City and contracted crews will be replacing damaged asphalt and concrete to make Calgary roads smoother and safer.

If we’ve scheduled paving work in your residential or business area, you’ll receive a hand-delivered notice in advance of work starting. Then, keep an eye out for posted signs alerting you to parking bans, sidewalk closures and other short-term impacts.

2018 paving schedule

See the major paving work scheduled for each city quadrant below, or use the Roadway activities map for a visual overview of all planned paving locations.

Major paving projects - 2018


Paving projects


Types of work required

  • Concrete - refers to work on adjacent sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, curbs, gutters, medians and islands
  • Milling - removing existing asphalt in preparation for new
  • Paving - applying new layers of asphalt and painting new traffic lines

Repairs to the base layer may also be required along certain areas within the project.

Learn more about paving and concrete repairs and our criteria for selecting paving projects to complete in the current year.

Paving schedule traffic impacts

For information on all roadwork that can affect your commute, parking space or sidewalk use, please refer to one or more of the following daily traffic information resources.

  • Twitter@yyctransport – follow our Transportation Twitter account. We post the day's planned road / lane closures every weekday morning at 6 a.m., and any unplanned disruptions as they happen throughout the day.
  • – find real-time information on road disruptions (detours, lane/road closures, accidents etc), including paving activities, that may affect your movement around Calgary.
  • – check out our daily road closures notice along with other important City news. Better yet, become a subscriber to get all our news automatically sent to your Inbox.
  • 106.5 FM – tune in to our dedicated Traffic Advisory Radio station for up to the minute information that'll help keep you on the move.

We appreciate your patience through this year's paving season. Please obey all posted signs and speed limits to help us get the job done safely, quickly and cost effectively.​