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Repairing potholes is an important part of maintaining Calgary's mobility network and an effective repair to keep Calgarians moving safely. Potholes can develop along streets and paved back lanes due to moisture getting through the asphalt surface followed by repeated freeze/thaw cycles and vehicle traffic.

Temporary pothole repairs are completed during the winter months when roads are clear of snow and ice and permanent repairs occur during the Spring/Summer months. Please submit a 311 service request to report potholes on City of Calgary streets.

Check the Pothole status map to view status of pothole repairs in Calgary.

How are Potholes Prioritized for Repairs?

Pothole repairs are completed by operational crews and identified in 311 citizen reports and through routine inspections. Inspections are completed and repairs are prioritized using a five-point scale based on pothole severity, safety impacts and location. 

  • High Priority Locations (Priority 1/Priority 2): Repaired within five business days of inspection*  
  • Medium Priority Locations (Priority 3): Repaired within one - two months of inspection* 
  • Alleys/Priority 4/Priority 5: Timeline for repair dependent on volume of High/Medium Priority repairs*

*Please note, these are targeted timelines based on factors such as weather, resource capacity, equipment availability, service priorities and can vary. Inspections are typically completed within ten to fourteen business days. 

Calgary Pothole Map

This map shows the potholes that have been reported, inspected and repaired in Calgary. To help us reduce duplicate requests, you can check the map to see if we already have a pothole repair request for the location that concerns you. The map is updated regularly with current data. Please note this map is live as of Aug. 30, 2021 and does not reflect all reported potholes in Calgary as data continues to be updated.

Pothole status map information

  • Submitted Requests
    • These are new requests that have been reported through 311 or found through field inspections and added to the Pothole Status Map.
  • Inspected
    • The City of Calgary has completed the inspection process for these requests to determine the priority of repair and crews will undertake future work to finish the repair. Click on the symbol to see the associated priority.
  • Pothole Repairs
    • These locations show completed repairs. Crews may repair several potholes at a location. Click on the symbol to see comments on the approximate number of potholes repaired. Repairs can be filtered on the map to show all repairs or a specific time period.

Annual pothole repairs


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A sinkhole is caused when the road surface suddenly collapses because the soil below is removed by water or other forces. Sinkholes are typically caused by:

  • Water main breaks
  • Intensive rain and flooding
  • Ground-water pumping
  • Construction and development practices

Stay safe and avoid sinkholes

For your safety, stay far back from the edge of the sinkhole. It is important you do not drive or enter a sinkhole area.

The size of sinkhole is difficult to assess simply by looking at the opening on the surface. Sometimes, there is only a small opening on the surface but the water has caused several metres of the soil beneath the opening to erode.

Report a sinkhole

If the sinkhole concern poses an immediate danger to people or property call 911.

If no immediate danger exists, report a sinkhole by creating the eService below:


Sinkhole related information