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Types of cycle tracks and bike lanes

Calgary features a variety of designated cycling spaces in addition to our extensive pathway system. Each space reflects the best design for the location and existing traffic flows, as described below. Signs and road markings accompany each space; visit the Cycling signs, road markings and traffic signals page for details.

Downtown cycle tracks

​​A cycle track is a bike lane separated from other modes of traffic by a physical barrier. They are the most effective way of reducing potential conflicts between people driving, cycling and walking, and make sharing the road a more safe and predictable experience for everyone.

Download the Cycle Tracks Guide for more tips and illustrations on using the downtown network, and view or print a map of the full cycle track network.


Cycle Edu - cycle tracks

Bike Lanes


Bike lanes and shared lanes give people cycling dedicated space on Calgary roadways, better enabling them to access destinations across the city.

Bike lanes are typically on Priority 2 snow routes and cleared within 48 hours after the snowfall ends.


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