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Downtown cycle track pilot project

On December 19, 2016, City Council voted to make the cycle tracks in the Centre City permanent. The vote was based on the pilot project results which included the Final ReportSummary Report and the results of the Ipsos survey

Council also approved Administration to use the $1.65M savings from the pilot to make improvements to the network. Some of the work that needs to take place on the cycle track network over the next couple of years includes making temporary traffic signals permanent and continuing to improve traffic operations and parking/loading access for businesses. The improvements will be paid for from existing budget and project savings.

Highlights from the pilot project are:

What's a cycle track?

A cycle track is a bike lane protected by a physical barrier from moving cars, parked cars and sidewalks. It provides a predictable space and minimizes potential conflicts between people who walk, cycle, and drive.

Cycle tracks are on:

  • 5 Street (on the east side from 3 Ave. S.W. to 17 Ave. S.W.)
  • 12 Avenue (on the north side from 11 St. S.W. to 4 St. S.E.)
  • 8 Avenue / 9 Avenue (on the north and south sides from 11 St. S.W. to 3 St. S.W. and Macleod Trail to 4 St. S.E.)

Additionally, cycling is allowed on Stephen Avenue (from 3 St. S.W. to 1 St. S.E.) and Olympic Plaza although no physical track has been built.

Using feedback

Over the course of this pilot project we are carefully monitored and evaluated the operation and safety of the roadway for people driving, cycling and walking. Based on feedback from 311, we made over 100 adjustments to ensure the safest and easiest travel for everyone.

If you see any issues along the cycle track routes, please share them with us through 311.

Data collection

Bicycle counts are available for each of the cycle track routes, as well as Stephen Avenue and the Peace Bridge.

Bicycle Counts Map

Parking changes

Parking has been maintained wherever possible. Where parking could not be maintained, we created new angle parking and micro parking stalls on adjacent streets. Since 2014, 501 new parking stalls have been created downtown to offset the loss of parking, and we have a net increase of 135 stalls in the centre city.

There have been adjustments made to the location of some loading zones. Some have been moved to provide more direct access to ramps. Maps have been created to show where parking is located along the 5 Street, 8 Avenue and 12 Avenue cycle track routes.

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