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Noise Barrier Retrofit Program

Transportation noise is part of our daily life. The City of Calgary is committed to reducing the impact of such noise sources in residential areas. As part of the planning process in Calgary, residential areas are examined to determine whether there is an existing or potential noise problem in outdoor leisure areas around the home.

In new subdivisions, The City works with developers to determine future surface transportation noise in residential areas along Skeletal Roads, Arterial Streets and Parkways. If excessive noise is identified, steps are taken to reduce it by constructing a noise wall or berm.

In older communities, The City of Calgary sets priorities for construction of noise barriers. The construction of barriers under this program is subject to the availability of funds and individual/community requests, as well as technical and economical feasibility. Priorities are reviewed on an ongoing basis under the Noise Barrier Retrofit Program.

The following City programs and policies exist to address noise issues and guide the development of sound barrier measures:

If you have a noise barrier request, would like to make modifications to an existing noise barrier or have a traffic noise measurement request, please complete and submit the following form.

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*Project list has not been approved for construction. Construction will be contingent upon a survey of area residents and available funding.