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50 Avenue S.W. Corridor Study

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Project update - December 2016

The input and feedback collected in Phase 3 of the study is now available. The summaries and verbatim comments can be found on the project engagement page. Please check back for details about Phase 4 in early 2017.

Project overview

The City of Calgary is conducting a transportation corridor study of 50 Avenue S.W., between Crowchild Trail and 14A Street. In 2009, it was reclassified as a Parkway under the Calgary Transportation Plan. This corridor study will result in a new design for 50 Avenue S.W. that will support all types of transportation, improve the look of the corridor and create a plan for future construction.

50 Avenue S.W. provides access to the residential communities of Altadore, Garrison Woods and North Glenmore Park. It also connects people to schools and destinations such as the Glenmore Athletic Park, River Park and Sandy Beach. As a result, it is well-used by people who walk, bike, take transit and drive.

This study will identify current issues and concerns with 50 Avenue S.W. and provide recommendations for future improvements. The study recommendations will:

  • better accommodate people who walk, bike, take transit and drive;
  • improve safety for those who travel on, or live along, the corridor;
  • provide access to key destinations; and
  • better incorporate green spaces within the road right-of-way in the study area.

This is a roadway planning study it will look at both short-term and long-term improvements for 50 Avenue S.W. Low-cost changes that can be made with little or no construction may be funded through existing City programs. At this time no funding is available for the construction of the final design.

Study area

The study area includes 50 Avenue S.W., between Crowchild Trail and 14A Street. Easier access over Crowchild Trail for those who walk and bike will be considered, but the existing interchange will not be altered.

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History of 50 Avenue S.W.

From the mid-1960s to the early 1990s, 50 Avenue S.W. was designated as an Expressway. It was meant to provide a connection over the Elbow River to communities to the east. As part of the 1995 GoPlan, the expressway plan was revised as future river crossings were longer permitted. At that time, 50 Avenue S.W. was reclassified as a Collector road. When the Calgary Transportation Plan was approved in 2009, 50 Avenue S.W. was reclassified again; this time as a Parkway.

50 Avenue S.W. currently does not meet Parkway standards. The City is doing this corridor study to determine how 50 Avenue S.W. can meet the Parkway standards in the future. According to the Complete Streets Guide, a Parkway focuses on blending in with natural areas. In addition, walking and cycling are given the highest priority. Upgrading 50 Avenue S.W. to Parkway standards means it will be easier to get around the neighbourhood by walking, biking, taking transit or driving. A current example of a Parkway is Elbow Drive S.W. near Stanley Park.

Current Status

There are four phases in this study. We have now completed Phase 3: Select preferred design concept. The summaries and verbatim comments from Phase 3 can be found on the project engagement page.

Next steps:
The project team is using technical analysis and feedback collected during Phase 1, 2 and 3 to create a final recommended plan. The recommended plan will be shared with the public during Phase 4. Please check back for details about Phase 4 in early 2017.

Engagement process

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How can I participate in the study?

  • Please sign up for email newsletters to get updates on the study and stay informed about future engagement events.
  • For information on the engagement process please visit our engagement page.
  • Please check back regularly as project updates will be posted to this webpage.

How will my input be used in the study?
Your feedback will help to inform the evaluation, identify a preferred design concept and refine the recommended design concept.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the study?

For more information about the study please contact 311.