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Christmas tree recycling program

By recycling your real Christmas tree, you helped keep nearly 35,000 trees out of the landfill and help our collection crews stay on schedule during a busy time. The Christmas tree program is now closed.

Can I put my tree in my blue, black cart or green cart?

Blue Cart

Christmas trees are not recyclable through the Blue Cart program. Do not place your real (or artificial) tree in your blue cart. For details about what can go in your blue cart, please visit accepted Blue Cart recyclables.

Black Cart

If your tree is cut into small pieces and placed in your black cart with the lid completely closed, trees will be collected as garbage. Trees placed in black carts will not be mulched.

Green Cart

Christmas tree trunks do not compost well and should not be placed in your green cart. However, Christmas tree branches can be placed in your green cart, so long as the lid can close all the way.

What we do with recycled trees

We recycle trees by chipping them into mulch, which is available to residents for garden or yard use while quantities last. Find more information about how mulch and other compost products are used.