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Storm drains in Calgary

Example of a Storm Drain in Calgary

Storm drains (or catch basins) are a part of Calgary's storm water drainage system. There are about 60,000 drains in Calgary which drain water off sidewalks, streets and roads.

Our storm drain system enters into the Bow and Elbow Rivers without going through a treatment plant, so we need to ensure the water draining into it is clean.

  • In the summer and fall, clear leaves, branches and sticks from the storm drain and place them in your green cart for compost.
  • In the winter and spring, clear snow and ice from the storm drain.
  • Wash your car at a car wash. Using soap or any other chemicals that rinse into storm drains is prohibited.
  • There aresubstantial fines for the dumping or pouring material down storm drains.

Snow and ice plugging your storm drain

If it's safe and possible to do, we recommend that you clear ice and snow that's blocking your storm drain to help water flow. If you are unable to clear the ice and snow yourself, please call 311 or fill out the online 311 request below.

Water - Storm Drain Concerns

Please note: Do not attempt to clean a catch basin if it's submerged in water, if the drain is full of debris or if the grate is damaged. Please call 311.

Pooled water on your street

In some areas, we install inlet control devices in the drain to control how fast water flows. They are designed to keep water on the road until the system can accept the extra water.

These devices prevent the storm system from being overwhelmed, causing water backups or flooding to houses, garages and businesses.

Pooled water will drain. If the water has not drained after 90 minutes, please call 311.