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Erosion and sediment control report and drawings: Submission requirements

Project sites with an area equal to, or greater than, 0.4 hectares (ha) will require the submission of an Erosion Sediment Control (ESC) Plan. The ESC Plan must consist of an application, drawings, and supporting documents. These documents are meant to provide a comprehensive plan for ESC implementation, inspection, and maintenance practitioner(s) to follow during construction.

Project sites with an area less than 0.4 ha, and where there are no site characteristics that indicate greater than normal ESC concerns, must adhere to Specifications as outlined in the Development Permit (ESC Good housekeeping practices).  These sites do not generally require submission of an ESC plan. The City reserves the right to request an ESC Plan on any site that is less than 0.4 ha if it is believed there is potential of an adverse effect to property, infrastructure, health, safety or the environment.

  • Application:
    • The application is a fillable pdf form that is required for all ESC Plans. Filling the application out will inform the drawings that will be required for your Plan. Note: For best functionality of this application, it's recommended that the form be downloaded to a computer and opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Application Instructions:
    • The application instructions provide a detailed explanation of what is required for each section and sub-section of the Application.
  • Specifications:
    • Specifications define the general ESC requirements and design, installation, maintenance and removal for standard ESC practices.
  • ESC Guidelines:
    • The guidelines provide an introduction to ESC principles, regulatory requirements, ESC Plan design requirements and considerations.
Here you will find information on the requirements, specifications and tools as well as the application process for submitting Erosion and Sediment Control Plans to The City as a part of construction and development projects.

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