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Thank you ESC practitioners:
Thank you for participating in recent information sessions regarding new ESC Guidelines and for taking the time to review and provide input into the draft ESC documents. The final documents - including guidelines, field manual, standard specifications and application and instructions are now available. Presentations provided in the information sessions are also available for your reference

Here you will find information on the requirements, specifications and tools as well as the application process for submitting Erosion and Sediment Control Plans to The City as a part of construction and development projects.

Erosion and sediment control report and drawings: Submission requirements

The flowchart below summarizes ESC report and drawings submission requirements for all construction and development projects involving soil disturbance:

Water Resources Decision Flowchart - All Projects

Depending on the scope of your project, you may be required to submit an Erosion and Sediment Control report in addition to your drawings.

Other ESC Resources

Please Note

New erosion and sediment control guidelines, field manual, specifications and application instructions and plans are now available. They will be officially implemented and adopted starting July 1st, 2018.

Customers can adopt the new specifications prior to this date. However, due to the integrated nature of the new application process, the customer must adopt all new requirements. Unless a customer chooses to adopt the new requirements early, ESC reviews will remain “as-is” until implementation starting July 1st.

Recent stakeholder input

We recently sought input from stakeholders on The City’s draft ESC guidelines, field manual and specifications. Stakeholders offered common questions and concerns that were carefully reviewed and considered. An overview of these common questions, concerns, as well as corresponding responses is found here.We have also outlined revisions to the documents that have been made as a result of your input.

LS3 Calculator

To make calculating LS values for your site more streamlined and consistent, The City has created a LS3 Calculator. This calculator uses the LS3 table from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s RUSLEFAC Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation for Application in Canada (2002) to determine an LS value from a given slope grade (%) and length (meters). The LS3 table was used as it is the Topographic Factor table that is recommended by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada for use on construction projects that have a high ratio of rill: inter-rill erosion.