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  • Good Neighbour Practices

    If you are new to the city, a long-term Calgarian, homeowner or tenant looking for more information about your responsibilities within your neighbourhood, this quick and helpful reference guide will get you started. Highlighted in the guide are f...

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  • Responsible Pet Ownership

    To ensure the enjoyment and safety of all parks and pathway users, the City of Calgary is reminding dog owners about the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw.   All parks in Calgary are designated on-leash areas unless otherwise indicated by signage. ...

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  • Calgary Fire Department Warnings

    To help reduce outdoor fire risks during the summer season, the Calgary Fire Department is reminding citizens to use caution when disposing of smoking materials and when using outdoor open flames, including barbeques and backyard fire pits.     “...

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  • Canada Day Celebrations

    Canada Day Celebrations in downtown Calgary Join Canada’s 151st birthday celebrations taking place across downtown. We have worked with our partners to plan many fun, family-friendly and free events filled with music, dance, art and culture. The ent...

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  • Transit Summer Changes

    Transit service changes will be in effect on Monday June 25th. These adjustments to the scheduling and routes are based on factors including feedback from the customers and operators, ridership levels and ever changing traffic patterns. These adju...

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  • 8th Annual Community Cleanup Day

    Saturday June 16, 2018, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.  Residents in Calgary’s Ward 10 communities are invited to join Councillor Ray Jones on this eighth annual Community Cleanup Day. Friends, families and neighbours can spend a few hours cleaning up an important...

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  • Abbeydale Train Whistle

    While Johnny Cash wrote many famous songs about trains and train whistles, the sound of the nightly train whistle has been far less romantic for many residents in Abbeydale. Transport Canada regulates rail crossings to ensure that they are safe and ...

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  • Green Cart Compost Giveaway

    City invites Calgarians to pick up free compost this spring ​ The City of Calgary is offering free compost for residents to use in their yards and gardens this spring. Every Saturday in May Calgarians can visit the Calgary Compost Facility to p...

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  • Sanitary Lateral Lining Program

    The Sanitary Lateral Lining Program is an innovative program that will install liners inside existing sanitary service pipes to extend the life of these assets. This trenchless process means that Water Services can rehabilitate its sanitary service l...

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  • 2026 Olympic Bid

    UPDATE:  ​On April 2​3rd 2018, City Council voted by a wide margin to hold a city-wide plebiscite later this year to determine if taxpayers want to bid for the 2026 Olympic Winter Games.  UPDATE:  ​On April 16th 2018, Councillor Ray Jones addresse...

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