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As per Encroachment Policy effective July 1, 1996, The City of Calgary does not allow encroachments on city roads or utility right of ways.

An encroachment is defined as being any portion of a building, fence, driveway, retaining wall or other structure which extends onto City property. The City has established a corporate policy for processing encroachment applications and enforcing encroachment agreements.

The City owns parcels of land, including streets and lanes, public utility lots and parks. The City also has interests in privately-owned lands by way of easements. These easements are granted to The City to allow utility line(s) to be installed and maintained on, over or under privately-owned lands. The rights and privileges of both the property owner and The City are specified in the easement document registered on the property title.

Real Estate & Development Services ensures that encroachments do not adversely affect The City lands and easements. This happens when The City's ability to maintain services is affected and/or when public access to City lands is restricted.

Formal approval is required from The City of Calgary to protect The City and public utilities from existing or proposed encroachments. An encroachment agreement is issued for streets, lanes, City-titled lands and easements, if your property qualifies. Owners of the encroachment are required to enter into an agreement with The City or remove the encroachment.

Please note, it is an offence under the Parks and Pathways Bylaw 11M2019 to encroach onto City-owned Park land. Encroachments on any land designated as Reserve (Municipal Reserve, Conservation Reserve, Environmental Reserve, etc.) are also not permitted under the Municipal Government Act (Alberta). If you are uncertain if you are encroaching on City-owned land, refer to your Real Property Report for your legal property boundaries. 

Email a copy of your Real Property Report (RPR) with Stamp of Compliance to (Stamp of Compliance is provided by our Planning & Development Approvals group on the 3rd floor of City Hall). We will then reply via email with requirements.


Make an appointment to drop off your RPR (Real Property Report)


Mail to:
The City of Calgary
Real Estate & Development Services #8052
Attn: Encroachment Administrator
PO Box 2100, Station M
Calgary AB T2P 2M5

Any additional questions email

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